About Viva-Cité PM

  1. I would love a little feedback about the Viva-Cité PM -

    I have the opportunity to buy one 2nd hand (at a great price about $200) and I was wondering if it's a good choice. I love to have a small bag to wear across the body when I'm in a hurry and right now I use the pochette accessories with a long vachetta strap for this purpose.

    Since the Viva Cité has the extra pocket I think that's a better choice but I'm afraid that the opening of the bag it's to small and it's hard to get in/out. ALso where should I look for the date code?

    Thanks a lot for your precious help :smile:
  2. not sure about the date code but def a good choice for a small runabout type of bag! :tup:
  3. I used to have this bag...I can tell you that it carries a lot more than a pochette accessories, but what I didn't like about it was (as you mentioned) the opening. I don't carry a lot with me, but even I found it difficult to pull things in and out (such as when I'd take my wallet out...it takes me a while until I can fit it back in with my stuff inside this bag). The only thing I really liked about it was the long strap (because I like messenger bags) and the outside flap (perfect for your keys). Plus, it's super cute. However, even though I miss it, I don't regret selling it as I'd rather have a roomier bag like the viva cite mm or trocadero.
  4. Thanks a lot Bernz, I was afraid of that - I so hate when the zipper is in the way and schratches your hand :sad:. At least with my pouchette it's easy to get in/out. I think I'll pass...(but it's such a good price...well - I think I'm on a ban anyways...)
  5. I would get a pochette instead, or maybe the recital...