? about vernis

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  1. I really want a vernis wallet but have heard about color transfers and such...Is there a color that I won't have to worry about that happening? :confused1: I'm eyeing a Framboise wallet on ebay that is TDF....and love the Amarante too but have heard fingerprints are a pain....:yucky:
  2. Color transfer generally happens with the older pieces, the newer and darker colors (such as indigo and Pomme) are much better about it. I'd recommend Pomme d'Amour, because it's not as fingerprinty as Amarante and it won't color transfer. Violette is lovely too.
  3. The Pomme is SOOO pretty! Do you think the color transfer would happen with a Framboise piece?
  4. Hi Leesh,

    Darker colors don't tend to transfer colors. The color transfer usually happens when something else rubs off onto your vernis piece, not vice versa. The problem usually exists with the lighter colors like Perle, Marshamallow, etc. However, having said that, I have a wallet in Marshmallow and take superb care of it and have no problems with color transfer. Amarante is a beautiful color, but I had problems with fingerprints and ended up returning the piece. Pomme is beautiful as well as framboise, and neither one should cause any transfer or fingerprint issues. Have you considered the new Voilette color?
  5. I've looked on the website and I think it's a little light for me...haha I think i'm either going to go with Pomme or Framboise...but i'm the most indecisive person in the world.

    Opinions anyone?
  6. I prefer Pomme, even though I have a Framboise piece. The Pomme red is very luxurious and goes with Mono, Damier and Azur. IMO the Framboise is better suited for coordinating with MC pieces.
  7. I have two Vernis bags...one in amarante and one in indigo and a pomme key holder. I say go amarante. My amarante bag hardly shows fingerprints. I believe different lots of the leather behave differently. Either that or I have hands that just don't mark stuff up. I am pretty anal about clean hands! I have yet to carry my amarante bag without getting a heap of compliments. Amarante is the most beautiful of all vernis!
  8. I have the Framboise zippy and used it a few months until the Pomme was introduced and got a zippy in Pomme. I had no problems with Framboise at all. I prefer the vernis line and have a few bags & a lot of accessories - no problems with any of them.
    I have items in Rouge, Fuchsia, Bronze, Amarante, Pomme, Perle & Framboise. I take care of my items, but I would not say I'm 'delicate' with any of them. They have stood the test of time. The fingerprints do not bother me so much with the Amarante color. Now the vernis items come with a cloth to wipe them down. I say go for it! I love all of the vernis colors and the vernis items are always a great contrast to damier & mono bags. Get the color you want - you cannot go wrong!
  9. I know that one of the TPF users (I think it was Veronika?) got color transfer on her Framboise zippy after a trip to I think Hawaii - forgive me if I mis-spoke. But I know that there was an issue with a lovely framboise zippy after a trip recently. I love my Framboise, but usually make sure it's separated from print & dark items in my purse. I love vernis tons though.
  10. I recently got the Amarante pouchette wallet and I love it! The fingerprints on it doesn't bother me as much. I've always wanted the Perle one, but opt for the Amarante becuase I was afraid of color transfer and getting it dirty. I say go for the Amarante as well, it's such a beautiful color! let us know what you decide! :smile:
  11. thanks guys! :smile: Now that I think about it maybe Amarante is the way to go? :biggrin:
  12. i have framboise zippy and agenda. i've been using my zippy on and off for almost a year or year and half....and agenda for non-stop for a year.....

    i'm never 'that' careful anymore and they are in my bag with everything else and i've had no prob what-so-ever!!!! they are carefree and pretty durable....i think.
  13. i have a pomme ludlow, no color transfer issues at all. pomme is an amazing color. i like amarante too but with wallets and stuff they tend to get fingerprints all over them.

    i think framboise would be ok in terms of possibility of color transfer..it's dark enough that it shouldn't have issues.
  14. I suppose nobody's going to come that close and see the fingerprints... but yes, the amarante shows fingerprints more.

    I adore amarante... doesn't it sort of remind you of OPI Black Tie Optional?