About Vernis framboise !

  1. So, what do you think, how long they will sell the framboise line ?
    I remember it was for s/s 06, am I wrong ?

    Do you think it might be still in the stores in August ?

    PANIC !!!! :cry::cry:

    It is so hard to live in "we dont have any LV stores"-country :mad:
  2. Well, i think this colour will be around until its sold out... I know in NZ theres only 4 LV stores and they have everything STILL in the framboise line! so i hope to get something in October! (hehehe)
    I've seen a few pieces of framboise on eBay... but im not too sure if they're the real deal.... if you're really worried maybe you should call your closest LV store every month... just to check the stock... good luck!!!
  3. What are you looking for?
    Have you tried elux?
  4. framboise is still very much available here. Try calling the 866 vuitton line for them to locate one for you. Or any boutique listed on the Louis vuitton website. They can always charge send the bag to you.
  5. Theres a ton of Framboise available in my LV stores:yes: . I don't think it's going anywhere too quickly.
  6. I'm looking the Reade pm and the Cles :yes: I think they are quite popular...
    The nearest store is in Sweden (or Russia), so the elux doesn't help me :biggrin:

    I know that they can send the bag, but I would like to see it first. I guess I have to visit Stockholm before August, I will be so mad if I miss this color !
    I loved the fuchsia, and this is little bit like that.

    Thank you all :flowers:
  7. I saw the framboise still in the stores. Call and ask around.
  8. it is still in my lv store.
  9. Isn't there another Vernis pink that's permanent?
  10. I Loved The Fuchsia, Too!!! I Have Seen Framboise Everywhere! I Thinking About The Bedford & The Reade!
  11. Not that I know of...I don't think any colors are actually permanent in the vernis line. Even beige went to the new noisette color. They have a fairly short run each time around, though some pieces may be more readily available due to overstock, etc. so it may seem like they're permanent if no one buys them up right away.