? about Vachetta in humid climates!!

  1. Hi recently bought a speedy from Hawaii. The dustbag is red and the vachetta leather has just started to turn very light brown. However, the handles only (not the diamond attached to the bag) have a faint (very faint) hint of red, probably from the dustbag. As the patina develops more will this blend in? Just wondering if anyone else had this problem living in humid climates.
  2. What bag did you purchase? I'm not familiar with lv having any red dustbags.:confused1:
  3. I also never heard of a red LV dustbag. Are you 100% sure you did not get a fake (if you bought off eBay???)
  4. I live in Hawaii and haven't had problems with Vachetta but HUGE problems with vuittonite. Then again, I have all my LVs in the beige?cream? dustbags.
  5. Did you get something from the Cherise line? Anyhoo, yes, when it patinas more it will definately blend better!
  6. not living in florida. and the patina will hid things as it develops.
  7. The cerises line came with red dust bag. I got the keepall cerises and it came in a huge red dust bag, same with the speedy.
  8. can you post a pic......?
    me too live in humid climates and i have the same problem with one of my Sac Plat handle......it has a dash of red colour stain on it,i am very very sure this stain came from the red dust bag,and the stain stay even now the handle has turn patina,i am so pissed :push:also now i noticed that some of the cerises has peeled off duel to the weather here so damm hot !
  9. the patina will hide minor imperfections as it darkens.