About Vacanze... are my eyes playing tricks on me???

  1. :confused1: hMm... before the prints actually came on out bags and we just saw the swatch, the little elf on the tree that had the lollipop sticking out of its top was green... then when you actually see the bag in person the elf is kinda brown/beige/not green. i really dont know but i think the bag that was printed is slightly different in color than the swatch right? :shrugs:
  2. LOL good observation! I would have never noticed it if you didn't mention...
    I looked at my elf and he wasn't green - maybe to make him look less alien?

    I dunno - but that was definitely different on the swatch compared to the bag - but I do have to say the colours on the bag are so much richer than on the swatch!
  3. aww the elf isnt an alien, he's so cute! i love him lol, i think its my favorite character on the whole print thats why i noticed xD

    oh well, good to know someone else sees it too :lol: