about Trapeze PM

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  1. i was wondering if the handles made frm natural Cowhide?or any part of it made from Natural cowhide??thx~
  2. i dont think so but im not sure..
  3. i'm not sure if it's natural cowhide, but it's definitely not like the vachetta on the Monogram bags. the leather on the Trapeze PM is cracked and textured, and here's what the handles and the side of the bag looks like:
    handles.jpg side.jpg
  4. yes...thats why im asking if anybody knows.... :smile:
    bcuz i think it wont look good on the pink or grey trapeze if the handles turn to dark Patina... :sad:
  5. i'm with you lilvivi! but yeah i don't think there's any vachetta on the trapeze pm. :smile:
  6. the leather is very durable and it is treated so it will keep this color
  7. the handles and trims definately not vachette like Sandra said. I think mono lin speedy also use this kind of material for speedy handles. Leather textures like goat skin leather.