? about Tokidoki shirts

  1. Hey there. I just started collecting Toki stuff this year, so I was curious about this. When they're releasing clothes to the stores, do they basically release them twice a year..once for fall clothes and once in the spring? Or do they kind of release them in clusters...first cluster for fall, then another, then one for spring, then another spring one?

    Also, for the macy stores that carry the clothing, which dept. are they in?

  2. When I went to Macy's, I saw toki clothing mainly in the juniors department. It wasn't anywhere else... at least, I don't think so.
  3. In my experience the clothing/accessories come out really sporadically. Plus different websites get different things. Pulse, Trendy Stars, JapanLA, The Giant Peach, none of them ever have the exact same thing at the exact same time. Just today I got an email from Japan LA saying that they have new Tokidoki hoodies in stock, while The Giant Peach got totally different hoodies last week. You just have to sign up for the mailing lists and keep checking to really get a full idea of what's out there at any given moment.