About to try new product

  1. I picked up Mario Badescu's drying lotion yesterday. Anyone ever use this stuff? Just want to know before I bore holes in my face.
  2. I tried it..It made it worse..LOL...sorry-Hated it.
  3. AHHH! what happened? details....
  4. Is that the pink stuff? I used some Mario Badescu products years ago, and I don't remember them making my acne worse; just not really clearing me up either. I'm constantly on a search for something to clear up my face. I *finally* just went back to a dermatologist and my face is looking some better.
  5. I had some really bad acne around my chin area and sporadically I would get them on my forehead, I tried everything out there and nothing gave me results. I finally went to the Dermatologists and he started me on antibiotics and a sulful facial wash. It's been over 2 years and I am acne free.:yahoo:
  6. thats great! but have you tried this mario stuff?
  7. ITA! It made my pimple even worse. It went from a small red bump to a huge icky bajicky red cyst with the white head on it. :wtf: It was awful. I guess it "draws" the impurities out. Well, that's a prob if the pore is already clogged and a bit inflammed. It took eons to heal and left a scar. I threw it away after that. :sad:

  8. eeeek! I think I may have to make another trip to Nordies and return this horrifying elixir! I don't even want it in the house now!:wtf:
  9. What I was trying to say was that Yes I have tried Mario Badescus products and they just made my face worse! Instead on wasting money on trying new products I just decided to go visit the Dermatologists. So If I were you I would instead go see the dermatologists.:flowers:
  10. ooooh! I'm pretty thick sometimes. Need it all laid out very neatly in front of me!:lol: Thanks. If my problem persists, I will go find a dermie. I'm 43 and only get these small breakouts around my period. Nothing to bad, just annoying!