About to return my Black Metallic Reissue 226 - will I regret it??

  1. I don't LOVE my black metallic reissue. :sad: I'm going to take it back and exchange it in a couple of hours.

    Do you think I'll regret this decision? I wanted a dark silver one (of course) but had to "settle" for the black metallic. Am I crazy? :sos:
  2. if you truly dont love it, take it back you'll always find some sort of variation of the black again. but if your not in love love than why hold on to it.
  3. I know. I want to love it. I don't want to spend that kind of money and not walk out the door feeling ecstatic to have it on my arm.

    I just hear so many other people rave about it that I figured it must be special? :confused1:
  4. You should never settle for a bag. In my experience you'll never love it as much as the bag you really wanted and you'll always know it was your second choice. Take it back.:yes:
  5. :tup::yes::tup:
  6. i would not settle for anything at a price of $2350 (if think that's the price for the 226?). take it back--you won't miss it.
  7. you won't miss it. if you don't love it, return it.
  8. Thanks. It's DONE. I feel better already. And yes, my pocket book thanks me - at least until I turn around and buy something else!!

    I must admit I was a little unhappy with the stock selection at the Rodeo Drive store? I wanted to exchange it but literally saw NOTHING worth purchasing. (Of course there were a million traditional classic caviar flaps...a few lambskin, mostly smaller e/w's, lots of GST in black, white and beige, but nothing GREAT.) :confused1:

    Has anyone had this problem before? Or is it just that all boutiques are in a weird place right now considering new lines are about to come out?
  9. I think every store you come, it's just a hit or miss. Hot bags are gone very quickly.
  10. you definitely did the right thing. what may be special to a lotta other ladies out there may not be special to you! that money's better spent on another bag that you totally love! :smile:
  11. I agree you did the right thing. If you're not in love you should never keep it.
  12. I just sent mine back too. I was not crazy about it. I did not like the glossy look to it. But everyone has their own likes and dislikes, lol. I have to really love it or I will regret it later on and then never wear it. Has happened before, unfortunatly.
  13. You did the right thing. You should never settle for a bag that you don't truly want. If you find that you're having to convince yourself to buy or keep something, that's a bad sign.

    If you spend that much on a bag, it should be love at first sight. You shouldn't have to justify why you think you like a bag, you should just love it straight off the bat IMO.

    Don't worry, I'm sure Chanel will whip out something that you'll love in an upcoming season. :yes:
  14. oliviamarie, I have had this problem too with the Rodeo Drive store lately! I have been there so many times over the past 1-2 months, and I have hardly seen anything exciting. I've been really disappointed; it is the famous Rodeo Drive store after all, and I have seen better stock at the department stores. I don't know what's going on. And each time I want to buy something, they have to order it from a boutique that is thousands of miles away! :shrugs:

  15. I agree with ldldb. its not worth keeping a bag at the crazy prices if you don't just love it. I bought the DS twice, sold it both times I had it....just didn't love it. Wanted to, tried to, peer pressured myself into buying it the second time, but just couldn't love it.

    I went the Rodeo store too a couple weeks ago all excited practically throwing my credit card at them...but sadly nothing jumped out and said buy me, take me home you must have me. I was a little disappointed. I thought for sure someone would have to drag me out kicking and screaming because i'd maxed my cc.