About to rescue a Yorkie..anything I need to know?

  1. I am no stranger to rescue - this dog is going to have brothers and sisters..... I have wanted a yorkie for soooo long and probably would have already had one except that my lhasa needed me more at the time (another rescue). I might be getting to realize my little dream angel - but just wondered if other yorkie owners might want to weigh in on anything I should know. She is not real little - weighs about 8lbs. If you have one about the same size and want to share photos that would be cool too! Do you think it is going to be impossible to housetrain? I know I will have my work cut out for me. Thoughts anyone?
  2. there is a frum called yorkietalk.com they can help you i joined to get more info on the breed i still have no dog but im thinking pom
  3. cool - I will check it out!
  4. Good luck! make sure to post pics and tell us how it goes! Wish I had yorki-specific advice... but I'm sure you know it all having adopted before! :smile:
  5. I had a yorkie growing up. They like to play the "dumb blond" but don't be fooled. They are very bright and love to play with dog toys. Mine was in love with any kind of ball. They are pretty sturdy for a toy breed and have a terrier spirit.
  6. How wonderful for both of you! Best wishes and please let us know how things go!
  7. Well, I have never had a yorkie, but I do have a funny story about my neighbor's yorkie named Rocky.
    We had a rotty named Hagan, til he passed a few years ago from cancer.
    Between our house and the neighbors house is a chain link fence. Any time Hagan and Rocky were out at the same time, Rocky would try to come through the fence on Hagan. This little yorkie, all of 10lbs, trying to kill a 120lb rotty. I loved it..lol. Hagan would just kinda look down at him through the fence like "what?"
    good times...
  8. Thanks everyone - I am just kind of nervous. This little yorkie is 8 years old and has had a very miserable life so far. I am worried that I am not going to be able to get her housetrained. That is really important to me and I have had luck with my other dogs (a lhasa and a mini schnauzer - the schnauzer got it figured out in two weeks!) As much as I want to do the right thing by this little yorkie, I don't want to do damage to the well adjusted dogs that I have now. They are my only family here as all of my family lives in another country. These dogs have become like my kids and I love them to death. Anyway - just nervous "new mom" jitters.
  9. You are doing a really wonderful thing and it breaks my heart to think that the little guy has had a miserable 8 years.:crybaby:
    I am sure things will work out fine, I know when I was housetraining I was a wreck. Getting up every few hours to go outside! However, there are lots of good websites full of advice. http://www.hsus.org/pets/pet_adoption_information/bringing_your_new_dog_home.html
    Good luck with everything and don't forget to post pics!
  10. My brother's dog is part Yorkie (supposed to be 3/4 Yorkie). she's a porker though, at least 13 pounds (and not, it's not all muscle.) She's a lot better house trained than my maltese. When he walks her frequently she doesn't have a problem. She has an awesome personality and loves toys and showing off her belly.
  11. No advice to give, just want to say bless you for rescuing dogs!
  12. well - I just wanted to follow up and let you all know that my new addition to the family is here. She was flown to me (yes - I did type "flown"... :shame:smile: about almost two weeks ago and OMG.... First, she is adorable, but much older I think than 8 years. Second, she trembles ALL of the time. I spend most of my day just brushing up to her and reaching out to pet her randomly and then sometimes picking her up. I force her to sit with me (she doesn't fight it, just trembles) thruout the day trying to reassure her that my actions are always going to be of a loving nature.
    My update is two fold - to let you know she is here (and re-named Tiger Lilly because it is my Mom's favorite flower and on the protected list in Canada where I am from. The flower is almost extinct from growing in the wild and I think it's ironic that the flower and my new dog are both now "protected") - and secondly I need your thoughts on this: She never had ANY accidents in the house the first 5 days.... she now is peeing once a day in the house - usually in the same place which in her defense is by the door she would need to go out. I can't seem to pick up on her signals, and I don't want to sternly tell her "no" because she is so timid. Any suggestions? I will also check out the link that was so nicely put up for me, but sometimes real people have the best, real solutions.... ;)
  13. Congratulations! Tiger Lilly sure needs a great mom like you! Best wishes to both of you!
  14. You could always put down a puppy training pad, but then that's not really a solution. Good for cleanup though!
    I got a doggie door last year and I'd be lost without it, he loves going in and out all the time.
    I'm really glad she arrived safely and I'm sure with time and lots of TLC her nervousness will gradually disappear, unfortunately you'll never know the extent of what she may have been through in her life.
    On the bright side she's so lucky to have found someone like you.:yes:
  15. Unfortunately your new little dog may be the nervous for the rest of her life, it could be what she's come to know. Just watch out for her coming towards you apprehensively and getting uneasy, this could also be a time when your concentrating on other things, lol :heart:If not then try the puppy pads, it could be a solution where you should gradually move them to where you actually want her to go!!