About to put my Damier away for storage - any maintenance required???

  1. I'm about to put my Damier Speedy away for storage as I don't really reach for it that often anymore. I'm planning on stuffing it with clean t-shirts, putting it inside the original LV dustbag, and then into the closet it goes!!! My understanding has always been that Damier canvas is maintenance-free, but just to be on the safe side...

    1) Should I clean/condition it with Appleguard or whatnot before I store it? Or is this pre-req only necessary for Monogram Canvas?

    2) Should I put it into the closet, or just leave it on my armoire??? I'm concerned about pre-mature cracking due to the presence of moth-repellants/dust, and don't know which would be a better route to take...

    3) Should I do nothing, b/c Damier canvas really IS maintenance-free? :tup:

    Thanks ladies!
  2. my damier bag is in the closet- i didn;t do anything special to it. i check on it from time to time and it is fine! good as new! i would stuff the speedy, though= good idea.
  3. I suggest you dont apply anything on damier. Its such a maintenance free bag and doesnt need any conditioner. Just store in its dustbag for protection and it'll be all good!:tup:
  4. What you said is perfect. Stuff it and store it in the dust bag.
  5. I do not spray anything on my damier bags. Although I do wipe down the hardware - just something I do.
  6. Thanks for the reassurance, ladies! :smile: Now I can store it in peace haha
  7. Stuff it and put it away!!