About to pull trigger on Papier A4. Too big? Modeling photos appreciated.


Jun 11, 2016
Hi all! I'm very close to purchasing this bag in dark grey, but am having doubts as to whether this can comfortably be shoulder carried, or whether it is too large for my frame.

I love the papier style and already have 2 city bags. I was originally seeking a large tote (for travel, work, every day, future baby stuff if need be), and a dark grey bag, so this seemed perfect! I don't have any other very large totes in my collection.

However, I'm concerned that this may be too big for me. I am 5'1" and about 107 ish pounds. I don't carry much day to day; would this look ridiculous as a daily bag?

Is the strap drop too short to work as a shoulder bag? I do have fairly slim arms.

How have your bags held up, for those who have had it for years? Does it fall over if standing upright? I love the unstructured leather, but don't want my stuff to fall out obviously.

Lastly, mod photos would be truly appreciated!!

This is the beauty I am considering



Nov 21, 2013
Los Angeles
I had this bag for about two years (it's no longer part of my collection). It was beautiful, but much too large for my needs. Even when I used it as a carry on, it was only about 2/3 full. It also was a complete puddle when I set it down. Even though it was so large, it still looked good on me (I'm about 5'4) and weighs next to nothing. I thought it fit comfortably over my shoulder too, which was a nice carrying alternative. Hopefully these photos help!