About to place a SO...

  1. ...I know I can get all this info from my SA, but I want to go to the boutique as informed as I can be...so I call on your vast knowledge...:heart:

    I am about to order a Birkin. It will be my first. :nuts: I think I've decided to go for a 35cm Black in Togo w/ PH. Am I to understand it will be around 7-12 months? And will I be charged the current price or the price it will be when it is ready? I've heard some people say they had to put down a deposit and others not, but if it meant saving on a price increase, could one choose to pay it all up front when special ordering?

    I'm so nervous. I think my biggest decision was Clemence versus Togo, so I'm hoping I will be happy with Togo.

  2. I just place a SO for a Kelly. No deposit required. I was told it could take up to 12 months.
  3. No where in a US store owned by H will you be asked for a deposit.

    You should also be ready for your bag when you order it - it could come very quickly. :tup:

  4. thanks.
  5. And you will pay the price it costs THEN, not what it costs now.
  6. Out of curiosity, your store can't find you that bag and told you to SO it? It's kind of an easy bag to find, I would think...
  7. Nope. You don't have to pay deposit. You will pay when the bag is ready for collection so you can't pay upfront. H stores don't do that.

    7 to 12 months waiting time is an estimate. You may get it quicker than that.
  8. I went in and spoke to my SA a few weeks ago, when I was trying to decide on which bag I wanted, and she said 7 month-ish. And I went :sad:, and then she said, some take up to 12 months. But I hadn't decided on which one yet. Good to know it may be sooner. :heart:
  9. A 35 black togo Birkin is not hard to find? Which store normally has it?
  10. There needs to be a clarification between SOs (Special Orders) and POs (Podium Orders). Podium Orders are for H bags with colour/leather combos offered that buying season. Togo Birkins fall into this category, whereas Box Calf Birkins (unless specifically offered at the Podium for store orders) are generally available only via SOs. And the quotas for SOs are very small, and therefore not easily available.

    H staff will put through a request for a Black Togo Birkin via a PO. If it should be that Black Togo is not offered that buying season, most likely the store will try again the following buying season. It is highly unlikely for a store to use their limited SO quota for a Black Togo.
  11. Okay, MrsS said it all.

    A 35cm Black Birkin is NOT hard to find. Keep an eye on the "Inventory" thread here.
  12. You really know your way around the store Mrssparkles:smile: Read Mrssparkles post may 1st for 'Anyone waiting for July 06 orders' and she explains how long you can expect to wait too. I now know my fall PO(not the SO I thought it was) Paris-Bombay is not lost or late. Thanks for all your knowledge:tup:
  13. ahhhhhhh, it makes sense now! Thanks Mrssparkles and everyone! I'm a newbie and pretty much know nothing. lol
  14. Keep checking the Inventory thread as suggested by Baggs. :tup:Hopefully one pops up in the store near you! Sometimes when you enquire at the store, the staff says there isn't any. And then a shipment comes and there's one unallocated to a client, and that day may just be your lucky day! (There is no such thing as a Birkin for the floor where I am though)
  15. Thank you for your compliments. Alot of what I know were learnt here (hermesgroupie, Grands Fonds, orchids et al). And then some from my store manager and SAs.