About to order right now PLEASE HELP????

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  1. i like the kate spade better
  2. Ditto
  3. I concur!
    Kate Spade
  4. i think you would get more replies if you opened up 1 thread instead of 6 on the same 2 bags. just a suggestion.
    i vote for d&g.
  5. Decide based upon what you need it for, the size you need, and whether you'd like a metallic or not.
  6. Will metalic look ok in the spring???
  7. i think metallics look fine in the sping.

    but i agree with jj, please don't open up a bunch of threads on the same bags. you've done it with these two and you did it yesterday with the coach and pucci bag. i understand that you're new but more than one thread, is not necessary :idea:
  8. Very sorry I am just trying to get feedback before I bought. I will not write anymore promise.
  9. It is ok. But I think it will be easier to keep track of the bags if you put them in the same thread so everyone can look and compare.:biggrin:
  10. How do you do that??? I thought you always had to start a new thread I think thats where I got hung up??? Sorry again Still any thoughts on which bag???? Im still deciding?? Will metalic be ok for spring??
  11. if you write another reply to your first thread it'll become bold and go to the top of the list in the forum so people can see that there is a new reply. you don't need to start a new thread when you have something different to say...just post a new reply! :amuse:
  12. I think like how you reply to the orginal thread you can continue post pictures of the ones you want other to see. Even when you got a new one you want to show us you just post them on ( I think that way will work)
  13. Thanks much I will do that from now on.
  14. Do you think the dolce looks more like a wallet?