About to order my Duomo ..

  1. I have so wanted the Duomo and got the OK from hubby this weekend while in Calgary - we're moving up there from Texas and its definately going to be best to get it from the Calgary store - I wont see it until after our move up at the end of March but great timing since my birthday is then too. I like that Damier is quite durable in weather, etc.

    I'm about order it from them and have them hold it for me, I've talked to them about it already and they have a store event coming up I can take advantage of which is why I'm doing it this far ahead.

    Anyway, just looking for some reassurance and input on how great a bag this is - I've handled it in the LV Boutique here in Houston a few times, I love the look and feel of it. I have the Bosphore Backpack which I love for walking, biking, travel any handsfree activities - and the Saleya MM for capacity and shopping -- I just wanted a classy handbag for my wallet, cles, sunglasses - small items - and think this will be a marvelous bag - I like it more than the Ribera, Triana and Speedys for this purpose - Alma is a bit big would be nice but I think the Saleya covers the same uses ... I think I've covered it .. just looking for any final input before I make the jump and if I've missed any other obvious choices I should consider. I'm really thinking this is the right choice but want to be sure I've covered the options well. Thanks for any input.
  2. i never really noticed this bag to catch my eye before, but i was hunting around eBay last night and saw one. it can sometimes really change your view of something when you see the "home" pics of bags and decided i really like it. too bad it's way out of my price range right now, and i'm afraid it will sorta be similar to the sporty so i'm gonna wait it out. maybe if i don't end up liking the sporty irl, but i highly doubt that. all in all i think it's a great bag! go for it!
  3. I have the Duomo and the Speedy 30. The Duomo is sturdier, IMO. The bottom doesn't sag, there isn't the vachetta issue b/c the handles and trim are treated leather (I think that's the right term???), and they have a gorgeous red lining.

    Although I adore my Speedy, my Duomo is a bit more special to me.
  4. I have been eyeing this bag too. The only thing holding me bach from getting it is I prefer shoulder bags.

    Can't wait to see pics of yours :smile:
  5. i love the duomo. i took my boyfriends mother to buy her first LV the other day, she had the intention of buying something mono but decided in the store to go for damier. She had a look at a couple from the displays and i suggested the duomo at the last minute, and she loved it!! Its a pretty stunning bag imo, seems sturdy and has a great capacity.
  6. Oh yeah here is a pic of the Duomo by the way.

    The Sporty .. thats an interesting one to bring up, I haven't seen that IRL .. is it out yet? I'm thinking thats not really in the "classy handbag" category -- it very much has tweaked my interest as well from the pictures I've seen, but not sure it would be something I'd be trying to choose between for this purchase -- is it? .. The Sporty is an awefully great looking item and especially since you have the Azur or traditional Damier options. I think that will be later on the wishlist though :smile:
  7. Grats Twinkle on 10,000 posts btw!!
  8. this bag is great. i love the way it looks. go for it and enjoy it once you have this baby.
  9. Hi there! I have used my duomo every day since I purchased it, going on four weeks! The opening was a bit stiff at first, but is now softening up and is easier to get things in and out. It does hold its shape and I guarantee that you will not regret purchasing this bag.

    I loooovvveee my duomo!
  10. I love my duomo. It is my favorite damier piece that I own. It is heavier than the speedy, but it is gorgeous.
  11. That bag is seriously my dream bag. I've been saving for it, but it'll be awhile before I can purchase her.
  12. New to the forum, but just want to say that congrats. I love that bag from the moment I saw it. It's so great IRL. I don't own it, but would love to. That and the Knightsbridge. I guess they are a little similar. Both great.
  13. WELCOME!
  14. I have a question...does the Duomo come in Azur? If it does, that would be awesome. If not, I'll wait for the Sporty.
  15. Congrats!! I think the Duomo is a great choice! LOVE the structure to it!!!