About To Order Is Bello Paradiso A Safe Place To Order Pandora Beads :)

  1. Please Let Me Know :smile: Cause I Am About To Order Cause They Have All The Beads I Want And Insure Fully For $2 And Shipping Is Free But I Want To Make Sure They Are Reputable Thanks So Much !!!!
  2. I have seen their website but I chose to order off of Pandora-charm.com they have free shipping as well and are and authorized dealer. I would try them if they have the charms you want.
  3. o darn i never saw that site before and they do have the beads i wanted :sad:

    O well i did the order already sooo hopefully it all works out :smile: It would be weird if they had unauthentic beads exactly the same as all the authentic ones, like exactly the same,,,,

    and it was recommended on about.com and a few other sites so i think its ok :smile:
  4. Just placed an order a few weeks ago. they were the cheapest price in the country(10% off) and had a very large selection. the order came very quickly and it was definitely authentic.