About to make my first LV purchase... Please help!

  1. Well, I'm about to take the plunge. I've saved up and intend to buy my first LV bag this week. I can't wait!

    I've been agonizing over which bag to purchase. I've narrowed it down (I think) to a Mono Speedy 25 or 30, or the Lockit. I really like the Lockit, but I'm a little afraid of keeping the vachetta bottom nice. I plan on using this as an every day purse, so I need something that is going to hold up and stay nice. Do you think I should steer clear of the Lockit? :confused1:

    The Mono Speedy seems very classic and appropriate as a first bag, but I'm a little bothered by so many fakes... meaning so many people carry fakes of this style, I don't want anyone to think mine is a fake. I'm wondering if I should opt for the Damier Speedy? How do you all feel about paying for authentic mono bags when there are so many people carrying a fake version of the same bag?

    If you think there is another bag I should consider instead, please let me know!

    Thanks for your help!!!
  2. Welcome to the board! I really like the Lockit; I think that would be a good choice! I'm not sure of it being an everyday bag though...

    But I think you should get the damier speedy 30...it's low maintenance, and it's a really spacious bag. And it's not as common as the mono speedy, like you said.
  3. It's very easy to tell the difference between the fake mono speedy and a real one - especially after it starts getting a patina, so that doesn't bother me a bit. I love running into someone with a fake when I have my real one and watching them drop their eyes in shame - It's like aha! I will say - it's like a club too running into someone with a real one!

    I don't think you can go wrong with either the mono speedy 25 or 30, or the Damier Speedy. They are great bags! I would steer clear of the lockit (personally), especially for a first LV bag. And you can always get the handles replaced on your mono speedy, should you decide to, if something happens - I just got mine back, with brand new handles, chads and pull tab - it looks GORGEOUS and only ran $145.00.

    My pick - for your first bag would be a mono speedy, with the Damier coming in at a VERY close second.
  4. Welcome to PF..

    I have some mono bags,I don't care about so many mono fake out there because I know mine are real..
    Fakers fake everything, if I worried too much about that I won't have any bags..

    You can get damier speedy or epi speedy...
  5. As long as you know yours authentic.. you're good. :biggrin: If you're into a more classic look.. go for the Mono Speedy.. very practical for everyday use.
  6. I say speedy 30!
  7. Welcome to tPF! :flowers: I know my bag is real and that is all that matters. As for your 1st purchase, I think a Damier or Monogram Speedy 25 or 30 is a wonderful 1st LV!:yes: Try them out at the store and see which one looks bets on you. If you don't have access to a store, check out the Visual Aids thread or the Celebrities with Speedies thread that bagnbags started. There are a lot of great pics of celebs with the mono Speedy there. Good luck!:flowers:
  8. welcome to tpf.......
    i'd go for a speedy...... in any size or any line it is a classic.......
    never mind the fakes. they will all burn in bag hell....
  9. I say if you like the speedy get the mono first never been a fan of damier but I guess like everyone says it's low maintenance. Also batignolles vertical or horizontal are good as everyday bags.

  10. yup..check this one out: no damier yet..:sad:

  11. mono speedy 30 .. i never put fake bags in mind when purchasing any bag
  12. Speedy 30!! It is soooo beautiful!!
  13. :welcome: Welcome to TPF. You will see less Damier speedy around, so get that if you're worried about having a bag that so many fakers wear. You shouldn't worry so much about the fakers because your real ones will stand out from the rest of the fakers!:jammin:
  14. Speedy 30!
  15. speedy 30! that's my first lv and good price point, too! very roomy.