About to make homemade sushi.. any advice?

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  1. Hey ladies (& guys)

    I just got some nori, rice, shrimp, and authentic tempura flakes..

    I recently started having sushi and loved it, so I decided to try and make it at home..

    Right now the rice is soaking and I'm really going to try and take my time to get it right.

    Has anyone ever made any sushi at home? I couldn't find a bamboo mat for rolling, so I'll have to improvise... I'd love to hear any advice.. I'm making shrimp tempura (so far I haven't gotten into liking the raw stuff, I'm a wimp, I know.)
  2. Yeah I made homemade sushi once. Turned out okay, but I am sure you are way better than me and probably more patient. Patient is a must!

    Also if you make maki rolls sometime, make sure to always wet the knife in hand vinegar so that the rice wont stick to your knife :smile:
  3. If you don't have a bamboo map, you could try using saran wrap! I usually put some on top of my bamboo mat so it doesn't stick. The plastic wrap really helps get the sushi tightly pressed together. I find that the bamboo mat just helps shape the sushi.

    At my local sushi place, the chefs there use gloves and then spray some PAM on them to keep the rice from sticking to their hands. Haven't tried this technique at home yet though.
  4. When cutting the rolls, make sure to wipe the knife before/after every cut so that the rice doesn't stick to the blade and you get nice clean cuts.
  5. I agree with all that's been said above.
    These were my first.

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  6. sushi rice need some vinegar to bring out the sweetness of rice, I usually just use those premix sushi vinegar in store. My first attempt turned out to be a burrito b/c I went heavy on the rice; a think layer will do. Enjoy!
  7. ^ ITA, you do have to go easy on the rice! I think also it's way easier when you're starting off to do the kind with the nori on the outside.