about to lose "top rated" because of shipping.

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  1. we are about to lose "top rated" standing again because of low scores for shipping time. we have not missed a single business day of shipping since august! literally here shipping everything the day it is paid...
    we have shipped every item every day and still receive low scores from buyers for "shipping time criteria" in the DSR system. the fact that parcel post is so slow sometimes and buyers don't take the time to view the invoice or date stamp is depressing. the only other option is to offer priority or express only. the ebay performance scale is completely unfair and i had to vent somewhere. :tdown:thanks for helping me let it out :yahoo::yahoo:
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    yeah, ebay is not fair and it has some diva buyers! If they don't fix some things for the sellers, ebay will go down. Although it's buying via buyers that makes the real money for ebay (vs. listing item fees), if there are no SELLERS to make those sales for ebay, then they have nothing! So Ebay needs to accommodate the sellers, not just the buyers. Bottom line- without sellers, there can be no buyers.
  3. I write to the buyer when I post to tell them that the item has been posted and how much it cost. I also make a point of using the tracking function in the eBay Sold items View. It takes no time to enter the details and it's very clear when the item is posted. A lot of the sellers I have bought from don't do this. I think it makes sense to let you buyer know the same day that the item is posted. Buyers seem to like it as I have been given consistently high feedback since I started using the system. I tell the buyers how long to expect too.
  4. I overcharged for shipping by $1 to $2 by accident (I don't sell that much) and I went so far as to voluntarily refund my buyers the difference... and they don't even bother leaving ANY feedback.... guess that's better than a poor rating though ...
  5. why do you ship parcel post that takes forever
  6. I read a note on Ebay a few days ago that they were working on fixing this. I wish I remembered what it specially said but something about if you upload a tracking number when you shipped and it was within such and such amount of time the buyer would no longer be able to ding you on shipping time. Not sure when it goes into effect but it sounded like soon.

  7. Exactly.
  8. ^^ Probably because it's the cheapest. I always ship priority. I have to charge more, but people get their stuff in a timely manner. Although, it bugs me that my shipping costs is at 4.8 when everything else is a 5.0.
  9. use ups ground, faster than parcel post and prob cheaper.
  10. I've never had a problem receiving or sending anything via Parcel Post. For me at least, it has taken only a few days (two to four) more than Priority.
  11. ---Use parcel post---

    because Priority Mail is dimensional. Most stuff I sell does not fit in a stanard sized box unless I crush it, fold it, etc. So people who live on one coast and ship to the other have no other option. Most stuff I sell needs a signature too. By the time you add that to UPS, parcel post is cheaper.
  12. I just compared the cost on one of my items. I think ebay sellers get discount UPS rate. $300 item from CA to VA- a 4lbs package fully insured w/signature required.

    UPS Ground $15.76
    Service Type: UPS Ground Packaging: Your Packaging Weight: 4 lbs. Dimensions: 15 x 20 x 5 inches Planned Ship Date: Oct 15, 2010 Delivery Notification: No Signature Confirmation: Signature Required Declared Value: 300.00
    USPS parcel post $18.22
    Breakdown:Package cost $11.57 USD Delivery confirmation Free Signature confirmation $1.95 USD Insurance cost $4.70 USD Total shipping cost $18.22 USD
  13. What zip codes did you use? Parcel Post prices also hinge on distance or zones. I think you used coast-to-coast zips. I got $9.20 + $2.35 sigconf = $11.55.
  14. yup I used coast to coast- CA To VA, also did you add $300 in insurance? That is $4.75 extra for USPS.
  15. I wouldn't insure a $300 item (domestic mail), just add the sig conf., but that's me.