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  1. so my boyfriend has finally decided to help me get my first chanel :woohoo:

    i've seen so many gorgeous styles on all you ladies, i can't decide what i want! i need suggestions for something around the $1200 pricerange. i know it's not enough to go crazy but i would rather have a smaller chanel than a huge gucci :rolleyes:

    a classic, a newer model, whatever... any advice is greatly appreciated!
  2. what about the pst? it's gorgeous, classic, useful, and $1295.
  3. PST or E/W caviar flap.
  4. sorry to be such a newbie, but i thought i saw the PST in other threads for $1095. e/w stands for east west? i'm not sure what that means...

    :okay: anyway thanks for the suggestions thus far.. any others?
  5. I would say see if there are any limited editions out there that you like.
  6. Yes e/w stands for east/west. The classic flap comes in small, med/lg, jumbo and e/w. The e/w is a little longer and a little shorter than the med/lg. It's also costs a little less.
  7. I think $1095 is the old price. There was a price increase on classic bags (i.e. classic flaps, GST, PST) on Feb. 1.

    if you want something modern yet still classic, I would go for the medium classic flap with the new chain. They have it in all sorts of colors, definitely black and red (red will be difficult to find, however). It is more than your price range, but it is such a timeless bag, that as an enabler I just had to put it out there :biggrin:
  8. i do like the classic flaps... even the e/w looks nice, i kind of like the longer silhouette. but it seems like after the price increase they are out of my budget :crybaby:

    this would be my first chanel, so for an entry level bag i think the PST might be the best bet... thanks girls for all your help.. all the pictures of your bags are making me so jealous!:drool:

    where can i find limited edition bags?
  9. PST might be your best bet like you said. You get more bang for your buck so to speak and plus, it's caviar so it's durable! Good luck and let us know what you decide!
  10. e/w is the same length as the medium, it's just because of its height that gives it the illusion of being longer than the medium