about to have a mental breakdown.......

  1. i'm studying for my first exam which is in 9 hours, and i'm seriously about to have a mental breakdown or a panic attack.....i'm ready to burst into tears.....i have a week's more studying to do, a month's more reading to get through, plus reviewing to do and i think i'm gonna go crazy :cry:.......help :Push:
  2. oh my...I feel your pain.
  3. OK sweetie. Here is what to do. Close the books. Dim the lights. Lie down and start taking some long in through nose out from nose breaths. Keep doing this until you feel yourself calming. The objective here is to decrease the stimulation of your simpathetic nervous system and activate the parasimpathetic nervous system. This will shut down the anxiety. And don't forget. One exam does not an academic career make. I flunked a few finals and still earned a PhD from UCLA.
    Good luck
  4. I am sorry! we have all been there! This past week has been particularily trying for me too..so I totally understand! When I am over whelmed..I crank the song" had a bad day"...take a deep breath...and deal...I swear sometimes that music helps me chill...
    We all lose it once in a while and I think that it is healthy to do that actually..Sometimes we all need a good cry...or a glass of wine and some good music to chill with! Hope it gets better!!
  5. Hang on there girl! Just keep thinking that within a week, your finals will be all over and then it's SUMMER!!

    If you need to, take a short power nap to recharge your mind. Then get up and jump right into the book. You can do it! It gets easier by the years that by the time you're a 3L, you can get by with procrastination. ;)
  6. i know how you feel. i had a mental breakdown of sorts on friday, right before my final tests (it's aps week, so i had a bunch of tests for classes that are ending after aps). the mixture of red bull and no sleep literally left me feeling disgusting, and i just woke up freaking out and crying. i decided to take the day off and relax (i know you can't do that, so i'm sorry that this isn't much help). but, i guess what i'm trying to say, is don't go into it without sleep and don't overdo the energy drinks (although they are good). and breath!
  7. lol eskimo i'm not supposed to have energy drinks but i always do during finals, which make me sick to my stomach (literally....i'm running to the bathroom every 5 seconds....but they keep me awake :shame:smile:.......my body is like trembling right now from nerves........sosososo much pressure......

    thanks everybody for the suggestions.....i'm really trying to calm down but with all the caffeine and sugar and anxiety i guess i'm having a hard time......so much to learn and so little time :sad:
  8. And an extra advice: STUDY and stay away from PF until you finish all your exams! Otherwise the guilt of not studying and hanging out on this site is going to eat thru you. Sounds harsh but I'm just telling you for your own good. Once you pass your exams, I'll love to have you back on! ;) Come on... will power will power...
  9. You need to calm down because if you are stressed, you won't remember much. So just calm down.

    All you need is a general understanding of the concepts, and the rest will flow to you in the exam (that's how it works for me). If you worry too much about specifics, you will not remember all of them. And when that happens, you will enter into shock in the exam.

    So I suggest:
    1. Focus on understanding the material and memorizing, yes, but do small numbers. Like: Statute of Frauds has 5 reqs (5th being UCC), requirements of memorandum has 3 reqs - the 2nd pt has 3 requirements... and so on. Small numbers is the key. You dont want to go like OMG there are 50 vocabulary terms.
    2. In the exam, relax. If you dont remember, leave it blank and fill it out when you remember (because it will come to you during the exam!)
  10. i'm not supposed to have them either. my dad has a thing against that much caffeine at once. my other suggestion to you, to calm the trembling and such from nerves, would be either tea or a hot bat/shower, or both. i always do that when i'm upset and nervous.
  11. im just going to offer you ***big hugs***
  12. (((hugs)))

    Get some rest if you can. I find that sleep is the best thing to relax me.
  13. aw man, hang in there, just think it's almost over. you can do it. we have faith in you! and we'll still be here afterwards too.
  14. I don't know why you're stressed. You're so smart. I'm sure you'll do really good. Just try to relax.
  15. Just hang in there and try not to psych yourself out! You'll do fine, and soon it'll be over. Just try to do one thing at a time, and breathe!!
    Good luck!