About to go into a test.... Wish me luck!!

  1. First of all, sorry I havent posted much in the last couple of weeks, my life has been HECTIC!!! So moving on, I have a test in 16 minutes.. A test I am fairly sure I will do VERY poorly on.. Medical Terminology, talk about a subject that you really need to study for, but no.. I waited to even crack my book open until a few days before. In fact, it isnt even my book, I copied the pages out of my best friends book because mine isnt here yet. This is just great...


    Procrastinators UNITE! (heck, it is part of college isnt it?)
  2. Good Luck!!!
  3. Just do your best! Good luck!
  4. Good luck!
  5. Good luck!! Let us know how it goes... and I completely feel ya on the procrastinating thing. I'm in high school and I do it ALL the time. Sometimes it works [in other words, I get lucky] and other times, :tdown: lol serves me right. :p
  6. Good Luck!! Let us know how you do. I'm the worst at leaving stuff until last minute!!