about to give 2 week notice...any advice?

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  1. hi everyone,

    i've been at my current company for a year and a half and recently accepted another offer. my boss has always been kind to me and i feel bad for leaving, especially during the holidays when i know it will be difficult for her to find a replacement.

    does anyone have any suggestions or advice on what i should say when i submit my 2 week notice later today? it's sort of an awkward subject and i'm not even sure how to start the conversation.

    thanks in advance...this forum is great! :yes:
  2. Are you unhappy at your current company? Or did the other company simply just offer more money. If you love your current job, maybe talk with your boss about your other offer... see if she can do something?

    And if you definitely want to make a move, then just sit with your boss and tell her the truth. I'm sure she'll appreciate honesty more than anything.
  3. ITA :smile:
  4. If you're on good terms with your current boss, and you don't have any "issues" where you are, then I would def. give your boss the respect of giving you a counter offer if she wants to.

    You're right about leaving before the holidays. It'll be a pain to replace you etc. Plus it's bonus time and everything... Just a crappy time to leave.

    Speaking as the WIFE of an employer, try to extend every respect to your boss... it's a difficult position to be in, and employees occasionally fail to take that into consideration.

    Just food for thought before you go in. But definitely GOOD LUCK, and all the best wherever you end up!
  5. I agree that if you're not unhappy in your current position then I'd give your boss a chance to match the offer you got from the other place.

    In the end though you need to make the move that's best for YOU. If you think moving to this new company will be better for you in the long run then I say make the move regardless of the holidays. Yes, it may be hard for them to replace you right away but it's probably not likley the place will shut down and go bankrupt in your absence right?

    If you still feel bad then you could try offering to help find a replacement and/or offer to help train someone new (obviously getting paid).
  6. Unless you work for a tiny Mom'n'Pop shop, I just wouldn't feel bad. At will employment works both ways.

    Also agree with above, you shouldn't be shy about giving your current manager the change to counter offer.

    However, if you have already accepted the other offer, that could be a sticky situation.

    Bottom line for me, don't feel guilty. It's your career and your life and this is business!

    -- doesn't mean you can't be nice about it of course tho, LOL
  7. just do it and get it over with, it's better for everyone if you tell them now and don't wait until later!!!
  8. thanks for all the advice ladies! i'm not unhappy at my current company, but feel like this new offer wiill be a better opportunity. i'm sure a counter offer might make me feel differently.

    i'll let everyone know what happens. i'm going to talk to my boss as soon as she gets out of a meeting. thanks again!
  9. Many of us leave jobs where we actually like our bosses, but something better arises- and that is ok. Do what is best for you. Yes, it will be awkward, but it will also be better for you in the long run and a learning experience.

    Just rip the band-aid off :yes: :flowers:
  10. If the new job offers you more growth opportunities I say go for it without looking back. Two weeks notice is fair. On the other hand I have had a few friends give notice and security walked them out of the building right then. So perhaps you might want to make sure you have any of your personal papers at home.
    Good luck.
  11. As others posted, rip off the bandaid and give your notice. There is no reason to feel guilty one single bit.

    I would suggest simply hand delivering a memo which states you have decided to resign from xxx company and that your last day will be xxx. That is all that is necessary in your memo.

    Your employer will probably have a few questions. Please DO NOT apologize for giving notice and do NOT use this as an opportunity to try to get a counter offer. It is best to not look back and move on. Maybe it has worked for others, but never at any companies I have worked for. I have seen it happen to friends of mine where they give notice, get a counter offer, end up staying, and their other co-workers find out, and, well, it is not a pretty scene.

    I would offer to help interview and/or train your replacement to ensure as smooth a transition as possible. I did this with a recent job switch and it was very easy to leave with my head held high knowing I did all I could to keep things flowing during the change.

    Whatever you do, leave with grace and elegance. How you exit will be long remembered, even more than all the great work you have done while you were there.