About to get my first negative...

  1. Sigh... (Sorry this is long)

    A few weeks ago I had for sale a games package. The listing was for Aussies only because I don't accept paypal - I have been burnt by paypal one time too many! Anyway, someone in NZ asked if I would post to them, and I said I would but I would not accept paypal. They'd have to pay by bank deposit. They said fine, and the sale went ahead. (They took 2 weeks to pay!)

    The buyer did not use eBay's checkout so I never got one of those "I will be sending payment..." emails with the buyer's address from eBay. So I got the buyer's address from the "Order Details" link provided by eBay for the sale. Item was sent fully insured two days after payment had been confirmed.

    A week later buyer says they never received the item. So I told them that international delivery can be slow, but I'd checked with the post office.

    The post office told me that the item had been delivered 3 days after item was posted!! The NZ post website indicated the item had been delivered and signed for! So I told the buyer this!

    They continued to deny having received the item and asked about the address I sent the item to. So I told them, and they claimed the wrong is address!! It's an "old" address, and that they no longer live there.

    That's the address I got from ebay! Surely it's not my fault they didn't update their address on ebay?! Right? They claimed to have provided another address... well, I'm don't know who they told or where they specified the new address, coz they certainly didn't tell me or ebay!

    What would you do? I don't think I'm obligated to refund the buyer when it's their fault for getting the address wrong!

    Does anyone know if it'd be worth putting in an insurance claim?

    Sigh. I know my perfect feedback is about to be ruin by this. :sad: :crybaby:
  2. Urgh that's awful :tdown:

    But surely since you've done nothing wrong, if they did neg you wouldn't ebay remove it again?

    Are they asking for a refund? I wouldn't have thought they'd got a leg to stand on if their address is wrong on ebay.

    BTW, it might be an idea to take a screenshot of it, incase they try and update it in the meantime
  3. No lean - you did as per ebay. You are legally in the right. They should have changed thier ebay address or informed you of a change of address. There is no way you can read their mind nor be held responsible.
  4. Thanks ILMB for reminding me about the screenshot! I just did it. Unfortunately, I don't think ebay will get involve in this matter. :sad: Because the buyer paid, they have a right to leave feedback. They haven't asked for a refund yet, but I can feel it coming. Or for me to make an insurance claim. The item was delivered! I don't think I can make an insurance claim?

    Thanks Bella. I don't know what the buyer expects. They didn't checkout or message me to provide an address, so I relied on ebay. They claimed to have changed their "primary" address...not sure where they changed it, because it's not reflected in their ebay details!

    PS. Lucky I didn't accept paypal for this transaction! I would have lost my money for sure!!!
  5. bummer...do you think they might be trying to have their cake an eat it too?
    you think if you are using ebay you would make sure your mailing address is up to date!
  6. Do they have a phone number listed? Can you find out if it's against the old address and then ring it and play detective? :graucho:
  7. They should go back to the old address to collect the item. It is their fault that they did not update the record or inform u.
  8. Was it sent insured? If so you should absolutely file a claim and tell the buyer you will be doing so. Tell them you'll also be filing mail theft charges since they dont have it. That'll take care of it.:yes:
  9. Puka, they claimed to have updated it... If they had updated it, it's not apparent to me. Even now, it's showing the address I sent the item to!

    I took ILMB's advice and took a screenshot of the address, so even if they try to change it now...I have a copy.

    ILMB, there's no phone number provided in the address details provided by ebay. I can do a request to get their phone number, but this means the buyer gets my phone number too...and I really don't want them to get that info! :push:
  10. Sanity, I've suggested exactly that to them. Haven't received a reply yet.

    Bestinclothes, do you think the insurance claim will go through? Because the package was "delivered". It wasn't delivered to the addressee, obviously, but it was delivered to the correct address (I assume). So I don't know know if I can still file a claim?
  12. Puka, I got the name of the person who signed for it. It's not the addressee. But with international post, us aussies can't state that only the addressee can sign for it. For all I know, the person who signed for it could be roommate and the buyer is pulling my leg. Sigh. What a headache!

    I don't know what they want from me... I can only go by the address given to me. Like Bella said, can't be expected to read their mind. :confused1:
  13. Have you asked for advice from ebay?
  14. ^ I've just initiated a live chat session with ebay. Let's see what they say!
  15. ^^
    it is a headache...but bella is right, what else could you do?:confused1: have you been able to contact ebay?