About to get my first Chanel!!


Oct 20, 2008

I usually just lurk around here and live vicariously through other people's purchases....

BUT, I have recently decided to get a Chanel bag because a) I have always dreamed of getting it and b) I want to buy one before the price increases again. I figured the way the price increases have been going, the money would do better spent on a bag than in the bank. I originally wanted to wait until I graduated and started working, but by then it might be ridiculously expensive (if it isn't already).

Anyway, I hope some of you lovely ladies are able to help me pick out a bag. I'm so excited! But I have a few questions:

  1. Are the outrageous price increases likely to be continuing and if so, do any of you know when is the next one?
  2. I am currently looking at a black classic caviar. Reason because this has to be the ONE until I am older and can afford more. Black goes with everything, I like the interwoven leather & chain on the classic, and caviar is more durable leather. However, I'm not sure about the SIZE. I want it to be practical (can fit glasses, phone, wallet, keys, and still enough room for extras), but i don't want it to overwhelm my height. I'm 160 cm or 5 foot 3. What size do you recommend?
  3. Assuming that I'm getting black, what HARDWARE do you recommend? Is any colour more in demand than others, or does any colour suit black more? Do the silvers turn blackish over time whereas the gold remains shiny and new? Is it true the gold HW is gold plated?
These are all the questions I have for now. I really want to make the right decision. I'm going to the store tomorrow to have a look. Who knows, I might even go for a different colour. But I won't be buying it from the store, I'd be ordering from overseas since it's way cheaper. I feel bad about asking to try the bags and knowing that I'm not going to buy from them...oh well, just have to have thicker skin. :P

Hope someone can help me out! I really appreciate the purse forum network despite not posting much. Wish me luck! :yahoo:
1. I don't know when the next increase will be, but I'm sure Krazy Karl will pull another fast one over on all of us soon enough. Chanel bags only appreciate in value!
2. I just bought my first Chanel on 8/13.09 :balloon: ! I decided to go with the black caviar as well. The SA told me it lasts longer than lambskin. It is just so timeless as well, but you need no convincing so anyways... I got the classic mini flap for 1850 USD. I really wanted a subtle bag that didn't look too old for my age (I'm 17). However since I work in the fashion industry I needed a status symbol as well and it hits both bases. It's also a great hands-free bag for going out at night! For your smaller frame, I think it could be a good first buy. However the jumbos/medium are gorg too!
3. For my first Chanel, I went with silver. It was a difficult decision, but in the end it came down too what looked best with more of my wardrobe.

Hope that helps!


Dec 27, 2008
How exciting! You'll know which bag to purchase when you visit the boutique & try on the different styles. I think the black caviar jumbo flap is a great choice as your 1st Chanel. The caviar leather is very low maintenance. Although the M/L is perfect for your proprotions & can transition from day to night, the jumbo size is a great everyday bag & fits all your essentials. The color hardware is based on your preference. Personally, I like GH but I think you'll eventually end up with both in the future. Check out the reference library to get a better idea of which bags you might like to try on. Congrats on your soon-to-be 1st Chanel!


Oct 20, 2008
Thanks for your replies! So I went to the boutique today and saw some classics flaps in Navy, red, magenta, beige, and black. I tried on the beige and black ones, and narrowed it down to black. I think I will get the jumbo size, since the M/L seems a bit too small to fit much. Surprisingly, I liked the look and feel of the lambskin so much, that I think I will end up getting lambskin. I'm going to baby the bag anyway, so why not? :P Oh, and I'm going to get it in GHW!

I tried calling the Paris stores today to place my order, but I don't think they work on a Sunday, which is strange since even Australian boutiques work on a Sunday. Can't wait!

Citylife: Congrats on your recent first Chanel! Seems like a lot of people are getting their first Chanels here on the forum.

*So.Cal*girl: I have a feeling too that I will eventually end up getting more Chanels in the future...hehe. But most people don't understand that and think one Chanel is one too much...


May 4, 2009
in terms of size..i had the same dilemma i to am short!!.
i tried on the m/l and jumbo classic flaps and leant towards the m/l, just because i felt it looked better on me. i decided to check out who things would go if i put my wallet in there and it took up most of the space in the m/l, couldn't even fit my sunnies! so.. i ended up getting the jumbo (black caviar in ghw) as it was more practical and i don't regret it at all.

good luck with it all and can't wait to see your pictures of your new beauty.