about to get a boston terrier!!!!!!!! any suggestions?

  1. Hi Everybody,

    This is actually my first post on the animalicious forum, but i can't contain my excitement!!!! I've always loved loved loved boston terriers and finally, I've decided to get one. I'm about to go meet a 1 year old boston male from a breeder next week. My boyfriend has a very shy Italian greyhound (male) that is 7 years old and I'm hoping that I can get a boston that can play with him and keep him in good company without being aggressive. I would love to hear all of your suggestions on picking this particular breed! I'm sooo excited!!!!:yahoo:
  2. I don't have any suggestions, but I also love Boston Terriers, annnd Italian Greyhounds too! I hope they do get along and it will be a nice companion for your greyhound.
  3. i have 2 bostons!!! i :heart: them!!! they're great dogs, but they can be rough when they play... they aren't agressive at all. they are really smart and trainable. i've never had my bostons play w/ italian greyhounds, just haven't had a chance, but my cocker spaniel LOVES italian greyhounds!!! he could run in circles all day with them. you just can't go wrong w/ a boston. especially at a year old, he should alread be house broken by now! good luck, and congrats!!!