About to face contouring surgery in Seoul

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  1. Does anyone interested of face contouring surgery?
    I am about to going for consultation in next week
    How are these four list hospitals???


    I guess Wonjin and Grand is biggest hospital in Seoul but heard that they had accident.
    Isn't it?
  2. 5) Opera
  3. I hate to be that person but I have been researching PS for some months (I am also getting facial contouring) and AFAIK all those surgeries you have listed have botched people on Purse Forum :S I would especially not recommend Wonjin (someone died) and Grand (has botched several people). I can give you the list of clinics I like but I am getting a very dolly, unnatural face so we may be going for different look..

    However I was talking to someone on here a few days ago who said View did a good job on her nose, but some parts of the treatment rooms are filthy.
  4. Be wary about Grand, one of Grand's directors was prosecuted for fraud earlier this year over the use of ghost surgeons after a patient died. A number of its doctors have also been suspended by Korea's association of plastic surgeons

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    Anyone knows how to upload photos to this forum without website url?
  6. Hi Jen1229,
    I had my first double eyelid/epi and rhinoplasty with Grand. I don't recommend them, they didn't do a great job. Nothing botched for me per se, but just not impressive results.
  7. There are about 6,000 plastic surgery clinics in Seoul let alone. What are you looking for in your face contouring? A dolly look or a natural look, i think you should base your research on the type of result you want rather then going to a clinic based on the 'brand' image. Looking up reviews of hospitals and taking into consideration of the before and after surgeries could help you what kind of 'style' a hospital is seeking and specialized in.
  8. I had surgery with ID hospital before. I heard that the owner Dr. Park is the very first guy who invented facial contouring technique in SKorea! After I gained will power (and money xixi) I'm considering coming back to ID and have my cheek bone reduced lol
  9. Hey Jen, I figured you've already gone through the consultations by now.
    Any updates? I'm particularly interested in girin, what was the consultation like? Did it go well?
  10. Hi epicmanbun :smile:
    Finally I did my face contouring surgery done at Girin Plastic Surgery.
    It's been 6 days and I am visit clinic today for watch the middle result.
  11. Thanks for your opinion. I didn't chose grand though.
  12. Oh wow really? What did you get done? Is everything well? Tell me!
  13. 6)Everm (I am gonna do two jaw and Vline surgery in here)