About to buy my first LV!

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  1. I just found this forum and I'm loving it. I initially wanted a gucci but after looking at all of the LV's, I changed my mind. I'm debating between the mc and the damier speedy 25. I love them both. So I just have a couple of questions:

    Is it better to buy it online through eluxury.com or to just buy it in the store? Is it cheaper to buy it online?

    Also... which one should I get?! It sounds like the damier is a more versatile bag but I also like the monogram canvas since it seems like a more classic LV. Please advise. Thanks!
  2. Welcome to TPF! Your life will never be the same! I just bought a Damier speedy. I think it is a little bit more understated and does not scream LV Look at me~! I also have a mono batignolles Horizontal and I do feel a little bit more watched. The Damier is not seen as much of as the mono. I therefore think that would be a better purchase. If you go through ******.com you can save 4% off plus enter GOLD at checkout and shipping will be free! Go to ****** as that is the only way to save some $ on LV!

    Congratulations and Welcome!:flowers:
  3. Welcome! :flowers: I'll go with Damier cos it's low maintenance but either way you won't go wrong. I suppose it depends on which state you live in to save on taxes when you make purchases through elux, since I'm not from the US,lots of our members here who are will help you.:yes:
  4. The prices are the same in boutiques and on eLux. I say get your first LV at a boutique... the experience is unforgetable.

    As for your first LV bag... I say go for the MC Speedy. :yes:
  5. Mono speedy or mini lin speeedy :heart:
  6. Welcome to tPF!! I would say to get the damier speedy, mainly b/c it is classic and you don't have to worry about vachetta/patina. Also, I would get your first LV in the boutique, much more fun!
  7. If you can go to a boutique, do that--it's fun and you see so much in person. eLuxury ships very quickly and packages things very well, if that's more convenient. The retail prices are the same. Sales tax where you buy in the shop would be additional, of course. Best wishes!
  8. Welcome! I bought my first (and all) of my LVs through eluxury to save sales tax. I got a mono speedy 25 and a (damier) Saleya PM. I'd go with the mono for your first speedy - so classic!
  9. I agree with buying your first in the boutique since if you're lucky & get a good SA (sales associate) his/her enthusiasm can make the experience unforgettable. And the smell of the leather was so wonderful.... (hoping that doesn't seem terribly odd). You get to handle all the bags but make sure you get a bag from the storeroom- I have heard of one person who got hers off the floor & unless it's the last one in stock & you agree to buy it, that should never happen.
    After that, you can go the elux route to save on the sales tax & they really are fab at elux.
    My first purchase was the Manhattan PM because it took my breath away. I don't carry it every day because it is "special" to me but I baby it when I do carry it.
    Enjoy your first purchase!
  10. definantely damier speedy as your first!
  11. Welcome! I am hoping that that i can get a Damier for my first LV bag as well. I would probably buy online since the nearest LV boutique is an hour away from me.
  12. ITA

    It is so fun to go and look and 'play' with everything.

    Congrats and have fun!
  13. Welcome to TPF!!! Speedy is a great choice for a first bag...tough part is deciding which design to purchase!

    between your two options i would suggest to go with MC!
  14. Welcome to the board! I like damier myself, actually.
  15. welcome to tpf! i would go with the damier speedy. :yes: