About to buy my first GUCCI... leather or I?

  1. Hi Girls. I am about to buy my first Gucci after realising that almost every bag on eBay has one of those dreadful controllato cards (isn't that a sure sign they are fake?).

    Can anyone tell me whether the fabric bags (monogram) is very durable? I am loking for an everyday bag and want it to make the distance. Also, do Gucci clean bags as a service?

    Thanks xx
  2. Black Credit Card sized card is bad.

    As for the fabric monogram, everyone has mixed reviews on that. On my tote with square corners, I can see the fabric monogram just a teeny tiny bit fraying. On my Pelham with more rounded corners, it's fine. Also, to my knowledge, Gucci does not have a cleaning service. I went to bring in a bag for repair at Gucci 5th Avenue and a girl in front of me asked about how to clean the bag. I remember them recommending her to a cleaner in the city that could steam clean it.
  3. Ok, Thanks for the tips!!! xjes
  4. the fabric is pretty durable but if you really want mileage out of it, don't trash it around. be extra careful of the corners because apart from the possibility of fraying, it gets dirty easier. i just use baby wipes on the edges if dirt starts to show. good luck! what bag are you thinking of getting?
  5. Actually... just bought my first bag!! So thrilled with it. It's the Abbey, so leather base with studs... should be no worry. The only other Gucci I have is a silver clutch bought for me two years ago so it is officially my first Gucci buy. Exciting.
    You can trust me on not hauling designer bags around... I am so particular about any bag I carry! Doesn't it just make your skin crawl when you see girls who dump their bags at their feet on the floor of a cafe or worse on the floor of a public toilet cubicle!!! Arrrgggh... but we have all seen it!

    If only they knew...
  6. I bought a fabric bag (it had the horsebit design) last year at the gucci store and the SA warned me that wearing it against a hard denim seam (like a denim jacket), could wear the fabric.