About to buy an LV wallet for my gf...

  1. After her wallet was stolen and with our anniversary coming up, I'm considering buying my girlfriend the LV monogram canvas Koala wallet. What I wonder about is its durability. She tends to dump her wallet into her purse along with her keys, coins, and I don't know what, so I'm worried that it'll be scratched over time. So ladies, what do you do to take care of your wallet and keep it looking fresh? This may sound silly, but do you use some kind of protective pouch?

    I was checking out the LV site and I love how it says it's "completely waterproof" and "highly resistant to surface scratches." They then say to be careful not to scratch it and to keep it dry. :rolleyes:
  2. Aww--you're very sweet to get a replacement for your gf. I think LV monogram items hold up pretty well. The only downside with the Koala is that the pushlock button could get scratches, but I think that adds character.

    Does your gf normally carry her check register or checks with her? That's one thing to consider--you can't really carry those items in a Koala wallet.

    Most wallets come with a "dustbag." My SA told me that she often keeps her wallet in the dustbag when it's in her purse for "extra" protection. But that might be a bit much....
  3. Wallet from monogram, damier and epi lines are very durable.
    What style of wallet your Gf likes? compact, long, snapped, zippered etc..
  4. Okay, I have to admit that the Koala was her pick. What can I say, she's VERY picky. Fortunately, she doesn't carry checks around. If anyone has anymore tips, please do share.

    Thanks ladies!
  5. get the damier one! i have it and it seems very durable!! i do throw it around..and love the red lining..it's very special..and it's very sweet of you to register as a member in some online forum (sorry guys, but u know what i mean:P) to ask questions for a present for ur gf!!!! what a sweet bf!!! :heart::flowers:
  6. how about a white Multicolor koala~~its very girly~~~~~
  7. Okay, after reading about the problems people are having with the brass clip, I'm starting to shy away from LV. :cursing:

    But thanks again for all the help, ladies! Now to figure out an alternative...
  8. I just bought the monogram koala wallet and it seems very durable. The only thing to worry about is the press lock getting scratched, which is why I'm extra careful about placing my keys further away from the wallet or tucking my keys inside a pouch...
  9. Problems with brass clips are not always a problem. Where are you reading this? Anyhow if your GF likes LV and she did pick out the Koala wallet, then shouldnt it be her chose? I understand that you are the one buying it, but she will be the one carrying it.:yes: There is no need to shy away, LV can last forever if you take care of it.:smile:
  10. I would suggest the French purse, either Monogram or Epi :love:
  11. That or she may even like to use an agenda as a wallet - depending on how much stuff she carries. It could be a good alternative.