About to buy a Chloe. Which one do I choose?

  1. Hi. I'm new, so I hope this is the appropriate place to post asking for opionions. I need (yeah, right) a new handbag for fall. I really like the soft, kinda casual look of the Chloes.

    I'm looking for something in the brown to burgundy range. I'm a little plain. My only other "expensive" purse is a two-year-old black Dior calfskin satchel with a pave karabiner handle that retailed in the 1500 range, I think. Sorry, I'm not good with names. I'm an "ooh, I want it now" girl.

    Anyway, what would you recommend to a Chloe virgin who really wants a look that's built to last?

  2. For a first chloe I'd go with either a paddington or an edith. Between those I'd go for the paddington. Just depends on your style.
  3. you'll love a chloe bag! a chocolate paddington is beautiful... the list could go on and on, I love the silverado... the ediths are very popular... and the heloise is gorgeous. good thing is that you have lots of options!

    post pics when you buy your new bag
  4. susiesurb,

    i have two in my shopping cart right now.



    is the bottom one the one you are talking about?

    what do you guys think about color? i really do like the chocolate, but i don't see many out there...at least not on sale!

    oh, and sorry if these pics don't post right...it's my first time.

    and THANKS! for all of you help. let's just say the family doesn't get my obsession!
  5. congrats! those are great bags and great deals!

  6. LOL I have BOTH of these bags so I'm a little biased :heart:. The front pocket paddy (smaller model) is selling in the Mocha color, (yes like a darker chocolate) as well as the same color for the Paddy tote. You can't go wrong with either of them, that dark brown is so beautiful as well as versatle.

    Let us know please.
  7. My vote would be for a paddy definitely. The mocha front pocket on sale at NM is really nice. I say go for it! You won't be disappointed.

  8. I LOVE the Mocha front pocket Paddy!!:heart:
  9. okay, thanks so much by the way for letting me ask all of these questions...

    i love a bigger bag, and for my job i have to tote so much with me each day. but i'm 5'1. should size matter?!? i have to recheck the dimensions of the front pocket. i really like the tall look...

    and i cannot buy both...there is this little part that says order both and send back the one you like less, but if it gets to my home, it will never live. i have no willpower!

    thanks again!
  10. i like the front pocket paddy more!:smile: and the chocolate color is great.. i think there's a chocolate edith on sale at NM too which would be great for work.. it'll also be less heavy if you have alot of stuff!
  11. I vote for the edith. I think they are a classic style. I like the look of the paddy's, but they can be heavy.
  12. Did you get one???
  13. Go the paddy!

  14. Bare with me and take your own advice; purchase both bags. Pile in what you need to in these bags; walk around the house, get a feel. Hell get the Edith TOO. You're spending ALLOT of MONEY so make an educated choice. You won't keep 3000 dollars worth of bags, so don't worry you'll mail back the rejects. Besides why would you want three or two brown Chloe's (okay, tpf gals don't flame me here:nogood: It's just my :idea: and I'm trying to help???).

    Try buying through BG and avoid tax and see on the deals and steals forum if they have a free shipping code.

    Good luck
    BTW have you noticed how adapt we are at the art of enabling:upsidedown: