About to buy 1st Tiffany piece-need advice

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  1. I have always loved the Sterling Silver Tiffany line and I am a big fan of chunky necklaces and bracelets. I am 28 years old, a business professional that often wears conservative yet stylish clothes (think Banana Republic, DVF, Theory etc.)
    I have wanted a "Return to Tiffany" necklace for a while but it seems like that is a "younger" style and I don't want it to look too trendy or too young on me.
    I think the thinner more delicate pieces of tiffany silver jewelry are okay but they are not really my style.

    Is the "Return to Tiffany" brand too young for someone like me? Would the chunky silver necklaces w/ the 2 linked circles be more appropriate (they are more like a necklace, less like a "medical tag". What are your thoughts? I really want to buy tonight so any advice would be helpful.
  2. im 27, shop mostly at Banana and just bought the bracelet on boxing wk last month. love it!!!
  3. Im in the same boat lol...im 25 and have always loved the chunky look of them, but when i was younger they were TOO popular and now that they aren't i want it!! But I don't know...i think we may have missed the boat on this one :sad:

    but have you seen the onyx toggle necklace? i have that and love it....it's super chunky looking but still classy :smile:
  4. I'm 33, and I still wear my "Return to Tiffany" oval tag necklace & bracelet set. I think they're fun but classic pieces, and definitely not too "young" for a 28 year old. They can fit really well into a fun, casual wardrobe, or into a more classic look, it just depends on how you wear them and what you pair them with. I see a lot of women older than myself wearing the pieces, and I never think "Oh that's too young for her."

    For the record, I work in an extremely conservative office, and I normally wear a lot of Ann Taylor, Banana Republic, some vintage and some higher-end designer mixed in. I think I have a pretty classic look, and I definitely don't dress like a teenager.
  5. I'm 37 and I love my RTT necklace. I have the one with the toggle; I think it looks great on me.
  6. I'm 32 and I still wear my tiffany heart bracelet on occasion!
  7. Divadivine-I took your advice, went into the store and bought the necklace you posted the link to. I love it. Thank you!!! Now I am addicted. I think I need to go back tomorrow to get a bracelet. :smile:
  8. YAY, glad to hear you got something. :smile:, yes it is quite addicting and now you can post up your collection in the Tiffany's collection thread!
  9. Awesome! Im sure you look beautiful with it! Its actually one I've had my eye on that one for some time.....can you post pics?
  10. yay! welcome to the tiffany addicts club.
  11. congrats!
  12. Personally I think the style is too young for you. I tend to associate anything from Tiffany's sterling silver line with high schoolers (albeit rich high schoolers). Nothing like years of prep school to turn me off from their silver line. Also don't think the obvious Tiffany logo would appropriate for a professional environment.

    Would you consider their graduated sterling silver ball necklace? It's like a pearl necklace but in sterling silver. Also along the lines of the chunky jewelry look but a little grown up, and not as formal or traditional as a pearl necklace.
  13. Love it!!! That's a great style. I definitely agree, you need the bracelet. :tup:

    Today is casual day at the office and I'm wearing my oval tag necklace & bracelet set.