About to become a Hermes Owner - Yippee!!!!

  1. Hi!

    What a great site! Like minded women who loooove handbags!
    I only registered yesterday but it's great to be here!

    I am just so excited as my gorgeous husband phoned Hermes New Bond Street, London, yesterday to enquire about making a purchase for me of either a Birkin or a Kelly.
    After a really informative and friendly conversation with one of their staff we have an appointment to view their selection of leather samples, etc and have been advised of the next date a slot may become available for the store to be able to submit our purchase.

    So, girls help me out here in this absolutely delicious dilemma - do I go for a Birkin first or a Kelly? I love both the styles and this is going to be a really tough decision.
    I'm very much into the lady-like chic look if that helps? I was thinking of either a black kelly or a tan/gold birkin both with palladium hardware - that way they are eternally classic and go with everything! It will probably be a 2 year wait between the purchase of the two so I want to get it right.

  2. All i'd like to say is Congratulations :smile:
    I called up the New Bond street store and a mousy sounding woman was incredibly rude to me :p
    And i'd say go for the Kelly, it can be dressed down, whereas the Birkin is harder to dress up (imo)
  3. Wow. Sounds like a real appointment. Congratulations! Have you decided what size to get? They both sound like keepers. But to introduce more dilemma into your current situation, I recommend the kelly in ostrich- The one Kate Moss carries. It's gorgeous. so stylish, chic, yet timeless.
  4. Thank you, much appreciated. I am certainly leaning towards the Kelly. Hope you have better luck next time if you phone NBS. I went to Sloane Street last year and purchased 2 enamel H bangles (one orange, one black) and they were definitely not as 'friendly' shall we say as NBS IMO.
  5. Mhm, the UK boutiques annoy me a fair bit, as the staff are simply not friendly and too judgemental and egotistical for their own good, another thing that annoys me is the fact that they go about as if they are part of the noveau riche, when at the end of the day they're SA's, I mean if I don't like actual rich people being snobby, I don't take well to average people pretending to be rich and acting snobby :S
  6. Okay. Found the pics. Here are too of my favorite women toting their beautiful Hermes bags.

    Sorry, that's a croc. But ostrich would be less expensive. It's definitely on my wish list.
    970428x6002us.jpg attachment.php.jpg
  7. Tigerlily, do you think you could give me your SA's name, as i'd like to try and get an appointment too :smile:
  8. Congrats! Sounds like a Kelly would suit you better.

    P.S. I've been to 4 different UK H locations and was lucky enough to not come accross a single rude SA :tup:
  9. Lol, I knew I should have helped an old lady cross a road about a week ago, Karma's getting me :p
  10. Lol :lol: This was discussed on a different thread recently and the consensus seemed to be that any male SA in Sloane st boutique is a fairly safe bet.
  11. Well i'm a guy, so i'm not too sure about that, maybe he just sucks up to women :smile: (eurgh, hate SA's that do that - once I went to LV with my GF to buy MY mom a present, I swear the SA spent more time talking to her than he did to me about the actual present :S) - Know his name? I can't really call Sloane St and say "Hey, i'm looking for the male SA" - lol
    - Sorry about the "hijack-iness" of my posts Tigerlily
  12. you could try asking for the tall male SA at sloane st. :lol: . fusako (i think that's what her name is) at harrod's is lovely though, i was only buying a scarf but she was very helpful.
  13. :roflmfao:

    I don't know his name unfortunately but if you ever go in then it's a slightly older black gentleman.
  14. Lets hope hes full of Birkinosity when I go to London then, as I want my special order for a 45cm bi-colour Birkin to be put through :p
  15. I dream of raisins....:smile: