about to be devastated

  1. so i'm not sure if i'm allowed to post this here or not but i have to sell my beloved child, my magenta first (no emoticon is sad enough looking to be entered here), because i am not able to keep it financially...

    am i allowed to say im a tpf'er on my description? and also is that card called a contrallto card or contralatto card, something like that?..i cant remember =(

    i just basically need help since i do NOT want to sell it and know nothing about how much to sell it for and all that...

    sigh..this is not a good day for me
  2. Lots of people mention being forum members, it doesn't seem like that should be a problem. And it's a controllato card you're thinking of. Good luck & you'll find another magenta when the time is right!:flowers:
  3. yeah, you can say you're a PF member in your description.

    Describe it acuratly, but don't make it too long and boring.

    Don't say why you have to sell it, no one on ebay really cares why.

    Take as many clear pictures as you can! The more pictures, the higher the price will go.

    Start the opening bid at the lowest ammount you're willing to let it go for.
  4. Lots of photos along with clear close up shots of the bag in different angles will be very helpful and attractive to the potential buyers. Good luck!
  5. Sorry to hear that you have to let it go, but times change I'm shure you will find it again when the timing is right.
  6. Sorry to hear you have to sell your bag. But as others have said, you will get another when the time is right. Best of luck to you!
  7. Oh..I am so sorry rosetintsmyworld you have to let go of your beloved.
  8. awww :sad:

    it's a controllato card btw ;)
  9. I totally understand. Magenta is a much sought-after color so you should be able to sell it pretty easily. Search ebay to see what other firsts are selling for and to see if there are any other magenta ones. I agree with Allison, list your starting bid as the lowest amount you could possibly take. Be patient. I had to list my khaki first 4 or 5 times before it finally sold. Good luck and best wishes.....
  10. Sorry that you have to part with your baby - I know the feeling, it can be so heartbreaking! :sad: Good luck on your auction, though, and hopefully you can get out of this financial slump and reunite with a new bbag! :heart:
  11. Remember to take close ups of the back of the rivets. That seems to be the first thing I look for...I'm sorry you have to sell your baby...maybe you can find something else to sell instead and wait until you absolutely have to sell it.