About Those Zippers....

  1. I have my very first B'bag, a black First. I'm loving the squooshy leather, but not so much loving the zipper on the top of the bag. Every time I open the bag, I feel like I have to be super careful not to pull on the tassle, since it seems so flimsy and liable to rip over time. The zipper itself doesn't have much to grab hold of, so I'm worried that I'm going to be going through a lot of tassles. What do the rest of you do? Is there any kind of zipper pull out there I can put on the top so I'm not yanking on the leather?

    Also, I know the purse should have Lampo zippers, but I can't figure out where I'm supposed to find the LAMPO marking. Can someone help the b'bag neophyte here?

  2. I'm new to these myself and also have a Black City. The Lampo marking is on the underneath of the actual metal zip pull. If you look at the zipper from inside the bag you should see it on the zipper.
  3. Thank you! Found it! And what about zipper pulls? Am I just nuts to worry about it?
  4. Well, mine feel okay but if you are really worried about it you could always get some spare ones from Balenciaga and then if something does happen to them at least you have a spare.
  5. The tassels don't feel that fragile to me, but you should have received some extra ones with your bag in case you need to replace them eventually.
  6. i usually just pull it as near to the metal ring that holds the tassel as possible, i suppose half holding the ring half holding the tassel
  7. I totally agree with Kathy K. My new Aqua Day has tassles that actually strreeeeetch when I pull them to open or close the zipper. !!! So I think I will hold part zipper hardware / part tassle to open/close from now on. OR find a charm I like to use as a zipper pull - on my $1K bag?!? oh well. it's GORGEOUS. *sigh* :heart:
  8. I just use the tassels to zip/unzip.
  9. I was worried about the tassels at first, but I think they're pretty sturdy.
  10. I haven't ever had a trouble with a zip / tassel wearing out or breaking. The Lampo zipper pulls are soldered together, so they will never break or pull apart. If your tassels ever wear, you can get spares at BalNY
  11. I would add a cute charm or a short piece of chain to the zipper!
  12. I know what you mean....just today I ripped one RIGHT OFF my day bag...I was like...ohh...that ripped right off didn't it! But i'm like it's ok it's adds character lol
  13. I wouldn't worry about black tassels...you can always get replacement tassels from BalNY ... black is always available...
  14. I also do what ladyisobel does just to help me from pulling on the actual tassle. Oh, the things we do for our bags!
  15. i don't think there is any issue pull in/out using the tassels....so far, it's still shown pretty sturdy for me.....:smile: