about this koala wallet

  1. sry, i don't, but you can ring up 866vuitton for the price check ^^
  2. i don't even know what its formal name is since i can't find it on vuitton.com. :sad:
  3. haha, btw, did you see my post from last night? my keepall came the same day i got a call from an SA in arizona telling me my damier azur was in!!!!! freaking figures, right?
  4. Yeah, I know the name of it... just gotta do some research. ;)
  5. its a nice wallet......its nicer than the koala i'm using
    love that lil photo place
  6. It's called the Porte Cartes Koala.

    Here's a pic of it from the Le Catalogue on page 54 [Pic courtesy of Lee69]:

  7. John-you can change 'Authenticator' to 'LV Guru' now!
    Vuittonamour-WHAT? OMG, so what did you decide on? I hate it when it happens....
  8. I love it!
  9. 2 years isn't that long to wait!!!

    Wait... I take that back... through the eyes of an LV die hard fan, that seems like forever!!! :roflmfao:

    Classic Chic: :heart:. :shame:
  10. i spoke to someone from 866...they told me they wait 6 months before considering new lines such as damier azur?
  11. I don't always trust what 866 reps say... :s Damier Azur launched in '05... but what month again?
  12. I love the koala

  13. november i think, whether it was december 1st or something, i dunno.