? about this bag...

  1. The hubs and I are going on vacation later this summer. I want something that I can wear crossbody, but that isn't heavy. I know practical choice is a swing pack, but I'm not a huge fan of those. Does anybody have the bag below? It has a thin strap and I'm afraid that if it gets a little heavy it will cut into my shoulder.

    I'm also looking at a duffle...who knows what I'll end up with...:shrugs: ...lol

    edit: the bag has these dimensions
    45" adjustable strap

    10 (L) x 6 (H) 3 (W)
  2. a duffle is probably better! the strap is adjustable!!!

    i saw the bag u posted at the outlet. the strap looks like it is easily ripped if u put heavy enough stuff in it
    i have a pebbled leather duffle that i absolutely adore!

    its soo durable!! and it s like a swingpack but bigger and sturdier
  3. I'm leaning more toward the duffle. It just makes more sense for me. It's bigger...and I can use it as an everyday purse, instead of the other one which would just be a vacation purse.
  4. I'm not into the swingpacks either, they look weird on me and I couldn't fit hardly anything inside. I just won a duffle on eBay, so we'll see if this one looks better.
    I saw those little ones (you posted above) at the outlet too and they did look rather small with thin straps. Would work if you don't carry much....
  5. I would either go with a duffle or the new Ergo crossbody bags. They come in leather or sig.
  6. Ergo crossbody?...what have I missed...

    o0o, I'm on coach right now...that is one cute bag.
  7. yeah that one is cute and looks kind of like a duffle.. only u cant adjust the straps
  8. The ergo crossbody would be a great bag for vacationing.
  9. Have been thinking of the same issue for my upcoming trip. Think I'll go with the Soho flap duffle because it can be worn on either the shoulder or across the body so that your hands are free. The flap style makes it easy to get in and out of plus it's lightweight.
  10. I went to the Coach site and looked at the Ergo Crossbody again. It does have a buckle and it is adjustable. I guess it's the only Ergo with that much hardware! I am thinking of getting one myself.
  11. To travel, I use my my classic willis bags. I use it corss body and love it because I can put every I need in it and its comfortable.