About the Zucca....

  1. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE my Zuccas but.... is it just me or do the Zuccas look best in the prints that are not really "scenes" but more a group of characters?

    My first Zucca was Adios and it's probably my favorite bag of all. The after seeing bubblesung's Paradiso one, and someone elses Inferno, I bought one of each from Southampton. And they look great, no complaints.

    Those are the only Zuccas I've ever seen live and in person.

    So today I stopped by Macy's "just to see" if they had Spiaggia in. They didn't, but they did have 3 Pirata Zuccas. Pirata is one of my favorite prints and I thought Zucca was my favorite bag style, but the Zuccas in that print didn't do much for me at all. They even had good print placement. On the other hand, the Pirata Giocos they had were all *gorgeous*. I wish I had that instead of the BV that I do have.

    I had planned to get Spiaggia in a zucca but now I'm thinking I'd like the Gioco better.
  2. Hmmmmm... I dunno? Since I've never seen a zucca IRL ever. The Spiaggia I ordered will be the first one, which is the main reason I got it. I needed to expand my bag style and I might as well start off with the ever-popular zucca. I think the placement I got on my zucca is excellent and looks really cute... But who knows how I'll feel once I see it in person?
  3. I've never seen one either, we are definitely deprived, Maya. LOL. Well, not you ANYMORE..soon. But me at least. I think I am getting the Zucca in Transporto. But idk...the Zucca looks funny with some prints I think.
  4. I think so too! I always thought the zucca looked best in Inferno. Going back to a previous post, it looks like a cauldron!!! But with the Spiaggia, I'll consider it a fishbowl. *lol*
  5. I personally :love: :love: :love: :love: :love: the zucca but I do agree that it looks good in certain prints and not in others. I personally didn't like it in inferno which was the first zucca I bought and ended up returning. I think it's all a personal preference as to which print you like on which bag :shrugs: I absolutely LOVE my pirata zucca and since pirata is such a small print I was able to get the entire print on my zucca which was a plus. However my foresta zucca is adorable but it's missing soo much of the print that I think the zucca isn't the best bag for foresta. I think it all comes down to everyone's individual taste :graucho: Spiagga is also a huge print and the entire print will not be on my zucca so I'll have to get another bag to capture the rest of the print. It's the smaller more repetitive prints that look the best on the zucca IMO!! :yes:
  6. I dunno too, I got a pirata in zucca that I haven't used yet and I'm still trying to decide if I really like it or not.. I plan on getting a gioco in spiaggia probably because when I saw the pics of the zucca ones they didn't seem like they really had as much of the print on them that I had hoped.
  7. I like the Pirata Zuccas I've seen better than the Pirata Stellina I own. I also love my Citta Zucca.... I think it's all a matter of taste.
  8. yah i originally had a pirata zucca cuz i love that print n love the zucca..but somehow it just didn't work as well for me....but i think zucca is GORGEOUS on amore! n of course paradiso haha
  9. i tried on the pirata zucca at macy's and did not care for it either...i preferred the gioco in that print. as for the amore, i'm still debating whether to keep the zucca or the gioco i have...decisions decisions :nuts:
  10. LOL Cauldron and fishy bowl! haha I thought so too..

    I want the paradiso zucca though..
    I STILL NEED TO CALL SH ahhhhhhhhhh~!! :cursing:
  11. Hehehe. Well, just remember SH is all out of zucca's of any print.
  12. I agree with you. Although I :heart: Citta, Pirata, Spiaggia. I just feel those prints doesnt look good in zucca (maybe it looks too busy?). but its just me...i know some of you guys love it and I dont mean to offend u. I also think zucca looks better for a lighter colored prints. for me zucca looks good in adios star and paradiso, but not inferno. I :heart: my zucca amore :wlae:
  13. Idk ..if I ever get a zucca its probably going to be in Foresta or Inferno..:graucho: I thought it looked good in Spiaggia..:biggrin:
  14. :sad: I still don't have a zucca :sad:
  15. i love zucca also, whats the perfect print for it? pls help me decide between amore and spiaggia