about the selling limits

  1. hi, guys, I just registered with eBay yesterday and was planning to sell few designer jeans there. I heard about the 'selling limits' placed on accounts, will new seller accounts being affected by this as well. Should i just list less than 2 item per day ? thanks
  2. it doesn't matter how many per day, it is per week. they will not allow you to list any more once you have met your limit within the week.
  3. I never sold on eBay before. What's the limit?
  4. its all depends on how long you have been on eBay basically. and they do a reveiw od what you are selling to make sure everything is real.
  5. thanks guys
  6. be careful listing jeans on ebay, they are cracking down on those auctions too..rockn republics are the worst I hear.
  7. I tried to revise my current BBag auction and I can't even do that -- a revision apparently counts as a "new listing." I have no idea what the weekly limit is, but I've hit it!
  8. What? I've been selling stuff on Ebay for awhile and have never heard of this.
  9. Yeah it happen to me too, i was trying to add more details but it won't allow
  10. Really??? Woohoo! Hate fake jeans! As much as I hate fake bags!
  11. Yep! I tried to add a picture to an item I had already listed, and I wasn't allowed, I was only selling 3 items. I've been on ebay like 5-7 months and have 22 feedback, buying and selling, really annoying.
  12. Oh the same thing happened to me....I tried to revise and add a buy it now and it would not let me. I have to wait until my week is over to relist items!
  13. Try again today!
    The same thing also happened to me, the system would not let me add a buy it now, but I tried again a day later and voila no problem!
  14. Just Keep Trying And Email Ebay Through Suspended Accounts And Ask Them Why. They Have To Reveiw Your Account To Make Sure You Are Not Selling Fakes And Once You Are Reveiwed You Should Be Fine And Not Have To Go Through A Limit Again. That Is What I Was Told.
  15. My account was reviewed TWICE and they didn't lift my limits even AFTER reinstating my auctions AS PER Rock & Republics request (after they verified my receipts) AND sending notes out to my bidders to say that my auctions were pulled in error!

    I hate EBAY. The only reason I deal with them is because you get a much wider audience.