About the Rosegold Sabrina

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  1. I can't stop looking at pics of it and I saw this girl with it the other day and it was gorgeous. so of course now I can't stop thinking about getting it. I've been dreaming about it. But do u ladies think that it would be a year round color? or do u see it more as a fall and spring color? cause once I get it, I'll be tempted to wear it out the next day and have no patience to wait for Spring to wear it.
  2. I think it can be worn whenever...it's such a great color IRL!!! And if you love it, that's all that matters...who cares if someone thinks you are using your purse in the wrong season!
  3. I think this is a great year-round color, Congratulations & Enjoy!:tup:
  4. I think she's perfect for year round, light colored for spring/summer, and metallic-shiny for autumn/winter. Perfect Combo :smile:
  5. thanks girls! u've convinced me! I'm sooo getting it!
  6. I ordered it but when I got it I didn't care for it at all. It's so BRIGHT I returned it. I also didn't like the leather, it felt cheap and thin.

    I thought I would like it because I have the Sabrina in Steel which is a fabulous color and a subtle metallic color. BUT, the Rose Gold is not like that at all. Not for me:yucky:
  7. I really love this color, reminds me of rosegold jewelry. It's more subtle than pure gold, so I really think this is a bag you can carry often. I thought the leather was the same quality as the other Sabrina bags, and very soft.
  8. I was trying to envision carrying the bag in each season and honestly, I think it would work year-round! Yayyy!! A year-round Sabrina :smile: I am trying to lie to myself and believe that I can wear my espresso one year-round, but I don't think it'll work out for the summer :tdown:
  9. I think it will work year-round too. I've also been slobbering over pics of the rosegold sabrina for a couple weeks now and finally got the money together selling other bags to buy it. I took the plunge last night & ordered it and am hoping to have it by the end of the week.:greengrin: It's the first full price Coach bag I have purchased in a couple years, but I just couldn't resist any longer. :sweatdrop:
  10. I think it would work year round. I love it. Go for it!!!
  11. I feel your pain on this one.
    I need to go an see her IRL to see if she is been worth obsessing over.
    Hopefully she will be too small for me and I can decide not to get her.
    Ban? What ban? Oh, that ban! :shrugs:

    Ever since seeing the pics of her that Superstar posted I have been totally :drool: !
    (For the record :drool: does not happen too often either.... but when it does I am unable to resist.)
  12. definitely ordering it tmr! I'd rather just get her now and if I don't like her exchange it....rather than wait around and find out that it's been sold out and then I'll cry like a baby and have to stalk ebay. haha. I'll take pics when I get it so that I can enable Carrie to buy the bag....*evil laugh*

    and there's going to be sandals in the rosegold color too! oooohhhhh......
  13. It's on the Fedex delivery truck today...I'm hoping it gets delivered soon. It's technically not scheduled for delivery until tomorrow, but it went "out for delivery" at 9am this morning. Pics will follow if it arrives this afternoon. :graucho:
  14. OOOOhhh..U must post the pics today!! I will be waiting...:whistle:
  15. OMG it's here! I'm going to unwrap it now...:yahoo: