?? About the ring that attaches the pull to the zipper...Please help

  1. I was reading the Paddy auth tips and came upon this one...
    "The rings on the zippers are thicker in authentic paddys, and they get a bit narrower on the part that they attach to zip. The rings in fakes are thin all around (without any narrower part) - sorry the pic is a bit blurry but as you you can see there's definitely a narrower part on a thick ring in auth paddy"

    I have two paddy satchels and noticed that one it as sonja describe above and pictured in the auth thread and the other is thin...Is this a true hallmark of a fake --or is this just a paddington inconsistency? thanks

    Would really appreciate the help and would have never thought this bag was a fake if I did not see that tip....Hoping that it is one of those little inconsistencies!
    paddy zip 001_1.jpg paddy zip 002_1.jpg
  2. Just another inconsistency. I think it was discussed here sometime ago.
  3. ^^That's great! i will update the authenticity tip thread to reflect that. thanks so much!!
  4. Hey Mac, there was some gal that said her very early tan had the thin rings all the way around. Sonja and I were anxiousoly waiting for her pics but I don't remember seeing.. I think another gal confirmed her early bag was like that too. :idea:
  5. Yes I think dophinmile's vanilla 05 also had thick rings all around so now I can see I was wrong with that point:shame: ....It looks like at least first season's paddys had thick rings all around..?
    Macp6 it would be great if you could post a piccie of your bag's ring on auth tips thread:flowers: Sorry my tip was misleading, I really thought it's supposed to be like that in all paddingtons
  6. ^^Yes, I updated the auth tips thread with the above pix. :smile:
  7. Yep, you are totally right! These rings of my vanilla paddy are just the same as macp6's. :yes:

    So don't worry, macp6, it just means your paddy is true and special! ;)