About the red flap bag in new chain

  1. Hello Swanky Mama of Three: Thanks for getting back to me. I did not realize I broke the rules when I post about the bag earlier. Thanks for clarifying it to me and did not remove me from the member list. If you did, I will be very very regretful:crybaby: :smile:

    Again I did not intend to sell it for my own profit, as I have explained. And I do agree it will be fair to give non-tpfers a even chance to get this baby. So I will go ahead return it to the Nordie at Orlando on Mar 28 if it is allowed(Since I ordered it from another Nordie out of FL and I am not living in Orlando :p ). Hope one of you will be able to grab it! hahahaha~~:yahoo:
  2. It is the medium and not the jumbo, right? How much was it?
  3. Perfect info for this Forum!:yes:
  4. Oh the new red is TDF!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hope it ends up with a PF member grabbing it :smile:
  5. hmm..why dont you just send it back to the ORIGINAL store so that the next person on the list gets it. regardless, the orlando store will have to send it back to the original Nordstrom store. (Thats what a chanel Nordstrom manager told me) I was also told that some stores are not allowing bags to be returned to them from other locations because of security reasons ie. associates may not be trained to determine the autheniticty of a returned bag their store dosent carry.
  6. keep us updated w/ ur return, I am still thinking about this baby......
  7. The only time I couldn't return something to my local stoe was when I got LV from NM in Texas -- my NM doesn't sell LV, so I had to send it back to Texas.
  8. let's try not to get bogged down about whther or notthe store will keep it. . . she can simply tell people when and where the bag was returned and a member here can take care of themselves as far as acquiring it or inquiring about it, OK?
    It's nice of her to pass on the info.
  9. Just want to add one tiny thing...I am glad that I looked at your picture. My SA was trying to describe the very bag...different color...and I couldn't picture in my mind what the chain looked like. As I was waiting for her to email the picture to me...I was looking around at purse forum. Saw your thread, and picture...and it helped me make up my mind. It's on it's way!
  10. did u return the bag in the end? Now i want one, cant find it:crybaby: