About the red epi speedy?

  1. I'm wondering if the red epi speedy is a bright colour or is it quite dark IRL?
  2. The new red Epi is a pretty bright color! I think the old red is a darker red.
  3. it's a bright fantastic gorgeous red!
  4. Check out the thread on epi colors under reference guides for LV. Another emptysky did a fabulous job of posting the colors in a color reference..let me try to attach:

  5. Thanks for attaching Jen, great work Anotheremptysky

    It's bright but not crazy bright..it's gorgeous bright lol
  6. Ooh... wonderful chart!

    I love Moka and the new Rouge! It's a stunning colour, really. I saw someone carry the Rouge Speedy IRL and I couldn't take my eyes off it.. I was walking past the lady and I had to stop staring otherwise I'd fall on my face LOL
  7. both the new and old epi red are gorgeous...the old is darker and elegant and the new is a tad brighter....they both look fabulous...too bad this discontinued the old red because a lot of people prefer a darker red...I like bright red too...