? about the Patchwork Carly

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  1. Where in the heck can you buy these bags :confused1: and does anyone have a pic of the khaki one? Thanks!
  2. I know Dillards has them for sure and of course Coach but they arent on the shelves at mine. Hope ya find one soon.
  3. Saw them at Nordstroms this past weekend.
  4. I saw a patchwork Carly in Macy's.
  5. Thanks, so coach will have them? I looked online and only saw satcels, ergos and swinpacks (Oh My!) in the patchwork.
  6. Saw both the khaki and the denim at a Macy's here yesterday....the denim is actually kinda cute......
  7. I wonder why Macys doesn't have them online yet, they are usually really quick about getting new styles online.
  8. I'm not sure Coach will have them online. I saw it at Dillard's this week and I'm thinking this may be a department store only offering right now. Dillard's also had shoulder versions of the scarf print and denim stripe that aren't online either. I really liked it in person and was thinking of buying it for PCE if Coach stores had access to them. Can any of the SAs tell us?
  9. Macy's has both the khaki and denim patchwork carlys in the demi and medium size. I think they are a department store exclusive or else Coach would have already had them with the other patchwork.

    Serious bummer.
  10. yup, saw it at macy's last night, it was so cute!
  11. I saw the denim one at Macy's today. Cute -but it had these three awful purple flower applicas on the front. Ruined it for me. The kahki does not have this as far as I know.
  12. Does anyone know if they come in diff. sizes (Sm, Med, Lg)??
  13. ^^I think only the demi and mediium sizes. I didn't see any large ones.