About the navy and blueberry

  1. Are they the same colour?
  2. Staci yup they are.

    Most of the department store tags say Navy but I can safely say the are the same!

    You getting one??
  3. I have to say I've been quite confused with the Blueberry/Navy colour names!! Everyone refers to them as different things but I agree with Sam, they are the same colour! The main problem is this colour changes in different light, so maybe people get confused thinking they are 2 separate colours??
  4. Thanks for clearing that up. Yeah I would like to get one but I might just the black one instead. I have to see it in person first
  5. Just my opinion . . . I have the black in the regular size and then the blueberry in the baby spy size. The black is great, but I am rather fond of the blueberry. The blueberry can looks very navy or very purple depending on whether it is in natural or artificial light, which I really like. I'm afraid if you are going to a department store, you're not going to be able to see how multi-dimensional the blueberry is. The black, on the other hand, is just black no matter the light.

    Also keep in mind that the blueberry is a special color that they will stop making, whereas the black is a color you will be able to find pretty readily in stores and on eBay for as long as they make the spy.
  6. I'm biased, but if I were you.......I'd go for the blueberry. ;)
  7. I love the blueberry too! I think it's a very nice color for the spy design.
  8. Blueberry! It is such a stunning color! That said, definitely go with what works for you best, but if I had your decision to make... BLUEBERRY!!!! BLUEBERRY!!!! BLUEBERRY!!!
  9. I think you can always have a black later...
    So if you love Blueberry you should go for it now :smile: !!!