? about the Miroir pochette

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  1. :shrugs: Hi, just wondering if anyone can translate what is embossed on the Miroir pochettes!

    Thanks so much. :yes:
  2. The last line is the address of the flagship store in Paris, isnt' it?

    Inventeur = inventor?

    I don't really understand the first line, mainly because I don't know what the verbs déposer and l'étranger are in English, anyways, I typed it in a French-English translator online and got this:

    "deposited in France and abroad"

    SO the whole thing is...

    "Deposited in France and abroad
    101 Avenue of Champs-Elysées, Paris"

    Fluent French speakers, anyone?
  3. Thanks Karman! Did you get your silver pochette already?
  4. Nope :crybaby:
  5. awww...Love your accordeon wallet though!
  6. wow..never thought LV could be so educational....thx Karman :smile:
  7. Thanks ShoulderEyeCandy and you're welcome e_pinpin ;)