About the Mini Speedy Inclusion Key Chain...

  1. Hi Guys!

    I have a question for all speedy inclusion owners.

    Is it fragile? Do you actually use it as a "keychain"?

    Any scratches?

    I'm thinking about getting one. I saw a deal that's why!:nuts:
  2. i don't know what is that, can u post pic?
  3. i have both the black and beige keyrings. i attached the black one to my Damier Speedy 25 and the beige one to my Mono Speedy 25. they're not really fragile, but may be prone to scratches if you're not careful.
    speedy twins 2.jpg
  4. Possibly. I haven't the keychain, but I have the ring, and it flew out of my hand one time I was taking it off *DOH* and there is a white ding on it now where it hit the chest of drawers....

    I guess if you're careful, it may be ok??

  5. do you mean this?

    i think it's very cute... and i've seen they use it on the runway to hang on your other lv bags. go get it! :P
  6. yeux, you have the best things!!! :girlsigh:
  7. no, it's these:
    inclusion beige.jpg inclusion black.jpg
  8. I just got the beige one today (finally have both colors:yahoo:) and I love it. I have not used the Speedy Keychains, but I have been using the Inclusion cell phone charm and though it has taken quite a beating, it still looks great! So no, I don't think they get scratched easily.
  9. Thanks to everyone yes it is the one yeuxHonnetes just posted, it's so cute on your speedy!
  10. Here is a cute pic of it :love:, I liike the beige too after i saw it on YeuxHonnetes Bags :love: