About the inclusion bracelet.....

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  1. What is the difference between the PM and GM?

    Does one fit a smaller wirst than the other?? Or is it just one bracelet is wider than the other?

    Is is still possible to find a beige one anywhere or are those all gone?

    And what colors are current?

  2. the GM is wider than the PM. currebt colours are berry and pomme and amarante is coming out now.

  3. So its just wider for visual purposes not wider to fit a bigger wrist?

  4. ^^Yup, just for visual purposes..the GM is thicker and has more gold pieces inside.


    The only size difference is the new "small" size they introduced with the Pomme and Transparent colors. Otherwise it's a standard "medium" size. :yes:
    Also as far as colors, the beige will be hard to find now, not available in the store. I just got mine from a reseller so I think that's the route you'd have to go.
  5. thanks^^
  6. You're welcome!
  7. Anyone have a pic of the old PM which is larger than the current PM?
  8. Also the orignal retail of the larger PM size would be helpful too

  9. Here's my rose inclusion PM and transparent inclusion PM worn together:


    Attached Files:

  10. eeek.. The new PMs look so much smaller :Push:
  11. I have both of those bracelets, too, and love them so much! The rose PM is my fav because it doesn't have the 'LV' charms in it. Very understated. From my understanding the yellow and rose PM bracelets are the only two that are wider than the current PM version.
  12. Yup, it was only the yellow and rose.