About the Heritage Pink Tote... PLEASE HELP!!!

  1. Hi Ladies...
    I a needing (its a GOTTA HAVE) help with the style no's and price on the HERITAGE PINK TOTE in MEDIUM or SMALL , I do not like real big bags personally so I will pass on the Large one. Can any one HELP ME PLEASE ???
  2. Small 11349 $258
    Medium 11350 $298

    Measurements are kind of in dispute for the small. What is thought to be the measurements for each at this point are:

    Small 7.5x9x3
    Medium 10.5x10x3.5

    The spring catalog shows the small's measurement as something like 13x10x4. I ordered the medium yesterday and I should have it in about a week and LA's is supposed to be here today. I can't wait to see her pics. Rin has posted pics of her small and LizCordova (I think) has posted pics of her large. HTH!
  3. HI, Thanks... Do you have the thread on Rin's and Lizcordova so I can view them? Congrats on yours!!! If the medium is a 10 x10 then it would be PERFECT for me.
  4. Does anyone know the style # on the framed coin purse/wristlet in heritage stripe pink that I saw a pic of in a thread somewhere? I MUST have it and I can't find the post anywhere!!! HELP!:drool:

  5. OH I am sooooooooo glad you did...lol! Those were a GREAT help! I need to know if Rins bag is a small or med? I know she said small but it looks bigger than the small measurements. I am so confused on which one to order... small or Med??? :sweatdrop: I love the looks of Rin and it looks like a good size to me. I wish she was on line so I could get the style no to hers.
  6. I know. I keep meaning to ask her to measure her bag. I just took a chance and order the medium because I know the large is bigger than I want. I am hoping LA will post pics today of her medium and post measurements. It's hard when these are not in the stores yet...
  7. The coin purse is item number 40919. It is not available right now to order though.
    I think it will be available in January some time.
  8. #40919

  9. Is the trim on the Heritage Tote Hot Pink? I have the Magneta Patent Leather wristlet and skinny so I am hoping it will match good. What do you all think???
  10. The Heritage Pink Tote trim is hot pink and not magenta. It should be okay though.
    Here is a picture of my Heritage Stripe Tote.
    IMG0012_1.jpg IMG0009_1.jpg
  11. Thanks!!!
  12. Sorry i wasn't able to reply ,work is driving me crazy x.x;
    I talked to my sa today and she said it could be 8.5x9x3
    I dont have anything to measure it though :\

  13. REALLY??? This in your photos looks bigger than that to me :confused1:
    I may wait till they hit stores so I can make sure between the small and Med or just order one then if its not right send it back for an exchange... Thanks