About the Hamptons Embossed Signature Carryalls..

  1. Does anyone here own either one of these? I actually saw the large one in parchment/saddle at the outlet and was very tempted but the mahogony is my favorite color.

    The larger one is 11332 and the smaller one is 11330

    Would love to hear thoughts, opinions, etc...:tup::tdown:
    carryall11332.jpg carryall11330.jpg
  2. I absolutely adore both styles. For me I would go for the larger size. Do you carry lots of goodies? IDK I'm no help here but I just wanted to let you know you cant go wrong with any choice you'd make. They are super bags!
  3. i have the small carryall in mahogony and it is a beauty. i really like the style. i tried both before buying and since i m only 5'1 the carryall looked better on me.i also got its matching wallet and in my opinion it is an awesome bag:tup:
  4. I love both of them....however the first one really catches my eye because of the flap. I love that detail....but the second one is amazing because of the color. You can't go wrong either way, both are fab bags, but I personally LOVE the first....if that's any help...:shame:
  5. They both come in the same colors--the red, mahogany and parchment. I think I'd like to get the larger one in mahogany--that would be the safest bet--I'd use it as a dressier work bag but part of me really loves the red, too.

    The worst part? I saw the smaller one pictured here in red at our outlet--must've been a store return--but I let it go...and it was 20% off the already discounted outlet price! :cursing: I just couldn't make up my mind and didn't want to have to return it later and feel like a nudge...:sad:
  6. wow! I'd love to see pics of it! Do you use it as an everyday bag or more dressy occasions? I'm wondering if this is a style I could use often. I'm not 5'1 so I probably need a bigger bag..:nuts: Plus, I like the way it folds over and secures at the top, but the smaller one is soo gorgeous, too! Thanks!
  7. I have the smaller one, in the red. I got it with my PCE in September and absolutely love it. I really debated on it because I'm more of a black shoulder bag person than a red satchel. I use it everyday for work as well as running about on the weekends. I find it to be plenty big and find myself carrying more than I normally would (not necessarily a benefit!)

    I'm also 5'5" and don't think it's too small at all. Honestly it's probably the biggest bag I own.
  8. I like the burgendy. I have the signature one and love it. It's such a classy bag.
  9. I had ordered the mahogony flap bag for PCE and exchanged it for a gallery tote. The bag is beautiful and the leather was alot softer than it looks in the picture. I returned it for the tote because I found the flap to be a little difficult (I tried it with all my things and pretended to get my wallet out at the store etc.) BUT if the flap would not bother you it is a gorgoeus bag. It was comfortable to carry and held the same amount as the small gallery tote.
  10. I love them, I ended up getting the carryall pictured, but held the embossed ones during my shopping. They are gorgeous. I love how it is roomy enough for my things but my stuff doesn't get lost in it.
  11. I like the flap, does anyone ever find these at Outlets ?
  12. These are still very new; I got lucky and saw a couple at the outlets that I think were store returns, and they got bought up in a hurry!
  13. I love the smaller one in mahogany!! It's on my wishlist!!
  14. I love these...I am partial to the red.
  15. tejasmama everyone on the forum knows i am a computer illeterate and to this day dont know how to post pics but as for whether i use it on daily basis or everyday well i use it for more special occassions. its a very pretty bag. you will not regret buying it. i get lots of compliments whenever i carry it.sorry for not being able to post pics.